Thursday, August 2, 2018

Winding Down

We are winding down for the summer! I'm in school mode but summer isn't over just quite yet!! Little did my kids know, their friends from Seattle and Ella's bestie were on their way to surprise her before she went back to school! This is what she's been dreaming of since we left!

Abby is coming for you sissy!!!

Abby was on a serious mission to get to her girl haha..
Ella asked WAY too many questions that caught me off guard so the random story that came out of my mouth was that we were picking up "Albert" (I have no idea where that came from) from "Georgia" for a work meeting with Daddy. It worked! She was super surprised!
The moment :)

The gang is back together!
This also meant my friend was here too :)

Headed home. Ella was so excited to have her favorite part of Seattle in HER home. 

Olli was too young to remmber anyone but these two were fast friends...

Excited Luca and Emma flipping out....literally :)

First up for these northerners...swimming OUTSIDE!
Morgan was here this day which was a big bonus!

Olli was really messing with my tan lines haha

You can never be too safe! Milo's preferred way of swimming :)

Later that night, Mike and Autumn were talking about fitness and getting workout tips that eventually turned into a late night family dance party!

Ella and Luca got to introduce Abby and Emma to their cousins too! It was so good for them to get to merge their two worlds.

Abby was such a little mama and Olli soaked up all of the attention :-)

Game night! Trouble and Exploding Kittens for the win.

Girl time which always ends up in makeovers :)

Ella and Abby baking "bestie brownies"! They carved E + A = BFF <3 p="">

Going to the park!

This is a new picture of my Dad as a boy (right) that I've never seen. I'm obsessed with it! I never knew he had ponies but he was telling Ella about them. His cousin Brian found this picture of them with one of them!

I'll end with my sweet girls. Ella got her all dressed up for a photo session but Olli wasn't having it today :) Ella chose her outfit which is my tattoo inspiration! "And when the broken hearted people living in this world agree, there will be an answer...let it be." 

I can still hear Ella screaming, "BE STILL!! WAIT LOOK! 1, 2, 3...OLLIIIIII"!!

Wild thing...I think I love you <3 p="">
I found this one on Ella's phone and I saw my 9 year old looking like a teenage with missing teeth. This needs to stop right now!