Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Winding Down

One is sugar, one is spice, both everything nice...that's what my little girls are made of!
Sweet moment dancing with their daddy to their songs!

sweet sisters

 Summer is winding down and we are starting to think about getting our act together :) We've had so much fun this summer and have finally accepted that it's almost over. Time to make it all happen again!
 This one is going to middle school (WHAT?!?!). She's looking so very grown up but I still see that newborn baby <3 p="">

 Oh man. And then this one. "Mama I got yots of yotion"! She's a mess...a beautiful mess! She unapologetically breaks rules and then gives us a cheeky smile, thumbs up and a nod to try to woo us out of discipline. Such a charmer!
 But then heart.
 Whether it be work or kids or's hard to be a yes mom and very easy to be a no mom. Both are necessary...but this summer, I finally realized that I have been going way too fast and I NEED to slow down. That's what I did (maybe a little too slow though!) and it felt good. Even in the summer it's hard to stop moving and just be. I always feel like there's a ton to do. But yesterday, little Luca Bo asked me if he could have some special mommy time with a movie and popcorn. I almost said no because I have a lot I need/want to accomplish at home and for school and now I'm on a time crunch because like I said...I may have slowed down a little too much this summer haha. But his question caught me and I was about to say "not today" for those reasons but I caught myself. This next school year, my one and only goal is to be in the moment, let some things go and SLOW DOWN! was the best afternoon in a long time and there wasn't anything that didn't get done that was life altering's to more yeses :)
 This one lost FOUR baby teeth all on the top this week! She's been really into baking and is really, REALLY good at it!! This was her cake that she made for our Tuesday night family dinner :)

 First family dinner night of the new school year! Luca and Milo going wild in Nana B and Papa Bo's backyard like they love to do, Olli watering the tomatoes with Papa Bo, and Ella not pictured because she's inside with the AC online shopping haha :) The preteen years are upon us. Oh boy.

My living room looks like a parking garage half the time and I have scars on the bottom of my feet from all the toys that I've blindly stepped on through the years but for some reason on this night, it didn't bother me as much. It was a sign of a fun day and a lot of happy, healthy, BLESED little babies running around making memories.

 Today we are hanging out with cousin Ellie! Look how cute these two are. My people come on a little strong for her sweet and gentle disposition but I think she's getting used to our madness haha...

This is another one of those pictures that just sums my Ollipop right up. Where's the party at?? Olli's crib!

Monday, July 16, 2018


Just a few random photos from this summer that other's took and landed back to me! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Road Trip!!!

 Sometime sweet Ellie cousin gets to come play with us on Wednesday's when I'm not at a training or out of town! She really is the sweetest! Here is Olli waving "HIIIIIII" in her face to make her feel comfortable...she think's Ellie is a baby and she's a big girl and wants to hold her :)

We are waiting at the dentist to get the kid's teeth cleaned :)

 Ella cruisin with Papa Bo on the motorcycle!
 Silly kids having simple summer fun in the backyard :)

 We had a garage sale a couple of weeks and Luca got to check "lemonade stand" off his summer bucket list :) He even let Ella get in on the business and bake some cookies to add.

 Also...first time to try the Tontitown winery! Went to celebrate mom's birthday...couldn't be a more perfect reason to go!
 We also gathered as a family at the Monte Inn for a delicious souther comfort meal and to celebrate Granny's 79th birthday!
 So many June birthday's! The next day we got to celebrate Sophie's birthday and cousin Kenzie was in town!
 Our babies are getting awfully big.

 Happy birthday Sophie!
 The next day, we woke up at the crack of dawn, stopped by Kum and Go for coffee and breakfast pizza and then began our next rendezvous in Denver, CO to visit our dear friends, the Stocktons. We got to meet their girl baby and we were repeat offenders at the Harry Styles concert. It was like packing in two years worth of laughter, missed conversations and good food into a few short days :)
 Meanwhile, our fearless Nana B is holding the fort down with all four little lovelies :)

 Uber adventures..."sometimes every now and then I like to switch it up a bit and throw in a chalupa." -Dann Stockton
 Jenny, "are you kidding me right now?"

 We also realized that even though we were in Seattle together and spent a ton of time together and HAD BABIES together...that we had never gone out with all 4 of us alone! Cheers!

 The next morning, we had the most delicious breakfast at Lucile's Creole Cafe...Abe's choice...and a fantastic one!!!

 I learned that I was the visitor to get to hold Abe after he was born which melted my heart. Just a few years later and this one is making me earn her hugs haha. So sweet that this shy and quiet Naomi took me in!
 Now we are back home and living the lazy portion of our summer!

I didn't get any pictures from the concert but just a little video...which most of it didn't turn out because I forgot about the piece of color tape on my phone camera. Oh well, the show was amazing yet again and we had the best time. We were on the floor this time so got to see him as he ran through!