Monday, June 25, 2018

Our McPhersons!!!

While the big kids were at camp
(here are a couple of extra pics that were sent to me)...

 Ella and her cabin counselors and Luca with his counselors and bunk mates...
 Anyway, while the big kids are away, the little kids will play! We received a visit from our besties, Anne, Ruthie and Elijah!

 First night...bubbles (or bathing in bubbles) in the backyard!

 Rub a dub dub 4 babies in a tub!

The next day, we took the kids to the Amazeum to have some fun and burn some energy.

Later that night, my stud of a hubby held down the fort with the 4 kids so Anne and I could go have some grown up fun and actually finish sentences to make a complete conversation haha.

 Good conversation and a riveting game of of connect four (that I won)...a good night!

And then my baby just being my baby! She's very into the whole big girl thing lately so I melted while she wanted to be cuddled and nurser her sippy like a bottle! Also, she loves filters :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What's with all the fun?

It's been a while on the blog because we've been having too much fun this summer!! Most recently, Ella and Luca left for Camp War Eagle. We got them settled into their bunks, they passed their health and swimming tests and then we left! I found a few old friends during the process and also realized my cousin's daughter was in on the same week! Calls are not allowed. Letters can be written home and emails can be sent by parents but no emailing back and forth. Neither have been to an overnight camp EVER let alone for an entire week. I'm so proud of them for being brave! That's a big deal! Both were so excited. Ella got off to a hard start with completely justifiable nerves and Luca left his cabin to head to the kick off event without saying bye :) Obviously we tracked him down for a hug where I found Ella mid panic attack and bawling her eyes out. So glad we went back. We calmed her down and she chose to stay. I promised her she would have a great time and be so proud of herself! She didn't want to be away from me and when I think about it, I've been at home for many years and then last year I was with her at school. I'm so glad she's doing this before middle school so she can be reminded of what she's made of!
In the meantime, I'll be stalking the camp website for any photo posted to make sure I see smiles :)

 Luca in blue shorts

Mike and I also got to go to Dallas to celebrate US...12 years of marriage, Mike's doctoral graduation and our mutual love of Harry Styles :) We spent the week reflecting on our journey that began there, visiting friends, graduating, Harry, and doing all the things you can't do with 4 kids like laying in bed reading books and watching TV all day : ) Basically pretending we weren't adults for the week haha. We had one adulting allowed.
Before heading off, we took our kiddos to hang out with Mimi, Pops and Zeus and celebrate Mike as a family. Mimi was sick so our original plan to have them and the kids there didn't work out.
 Reading his cards from the kids. They wrote the top 10 things they noticed about him and were proud of through our journey together. It required a lot of them too! We've asked a lot of them over the years. They are strong and they have been a huge part of the adventure.
 Zeus is Luca's dog. They follow each other everywhere! Best buds.
On the way there, Ella sent me a text saying, "I miss you. You and me got a whole lot of history"...bc she's a 1D fan. So we decided to make her a music video. Our responsible worrier needs some comedic relief sometimes :)
Rolling in on day 1 to graduation while I get us checked in to the hotel!!! Isn't he handsome?

 I just happened to pick the best spot! I ended up right behind him.

 I present to you...Dr. Michael P. Reading! Or as our kids say, Dr. Daddy :)

 look at that swag
 Mike and Dr. Charles Barber, Mike's project adviser and director of business in the department of defense.

 Mike and his buddy, Bishop Dr. Kenneth Nole.
 Proud wives club :)

 Mike's defense official :)
 The dedication <3 p="" so="" sweet="">
My love

And then there was Harry!

Not gonna lie...we considered it. They didn't have his size :)

 Always making me laugh! Thankful we still have so much fun all these years later.
 Man I need a tan

Months after we bought tickets, we found out our friends had too! So fun to see them there...

Also Dallas is still way too hot...

It's about that time.

 shamelessly swooning...I ridiculous :)
both of us!
Mike calls this my, "seriously?" face

Our only complaint is that it was too short...
 Shake shack  because duh

Pool time when it wasn't raining...

We may or may not have recreated a music video...

Dinner with our first and forever friends, the Rutigs!

And our precious Herreras!!! Gosh we love these people. There will never be any amount of time or distance to take it away. We always pick up right back where we left off!
If we weren't dining with friends, recreating a music video, at a Harry Styles concert, tanning at the pool or graduating, we were like lazy. TV, room service, reading, and all the  naps. One of us who is a little nerdier than the other did some studying.

 Brunch with my Dallas girls! Teachers are seriously fun. I love each of these women and have had some of the best moments with them. Forever friends!

Getting home to our little lovelies...
While we were gone, Nana B took Milo and Olli to a hot wheels event in Bentonville. Milo's dream come true! 

Not sure what happened here but this is the dynamic. Olli looks very proud and Milo is clearly frustrated. She lives to push buttons.

After we got home, we lived our normal beautiful life and soaked up our kids for a few days.
 Luca aka "Fred the unicorn". He loves his sissy so much he will do anything for her. Always has! She was putting on a play and needed a unicorn haha

 "Mama I yubs yous" then I melt <3 p="">
 After getting home from the concert, I headed off to the most beautiful home in Springfield, MO a couple days later for a nice little girls weekend.


The ultimate relaxation...

After we got back, I had a 3 day PD at FPS library. Ella and Luca were SO excited to go. They checked out a ton of books and some DVDs. I look over to find all of the books they were so excited about used as a fort for their technology. Ha!
My baby love is not so baby anymore. This picture above is from the last 2 summers. I melted tonight when my Ollipop crawled up in my lap tonight to pretend to be a baby <3 p="">

Just the other day, Mike asked her, "Olli, are you sweet"? Her reply, "NO...I Bitsy". And it's the truth! She marches to the beat of her own drum and definitely keeps us on our toes. She's  a party packed into a tiny, short little body full of all kinds of energy and spunk! {pray for us}