Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Just like that...

And just like that it's summer break! May was an absolute whirlwind. Many events. Lot's of work. And somehow still managed to squeeze in an ton of fun. This post sums it all up!

Giving her Daddy a break and loving on him!

You know it's officially summer when the ice-cream truck shows up!

This is when Olli realized our necklaces that Ella gave to me/us as a mother's day present fit together!

Luca giving me a hidden tattoo with his mystery pen he bought from the book fair :)
Just surviving until the last day of school!
What Bitsy picked out for herself to go to Luca's soccer game hahaha. She's got a mind of her own that's for sure!

Oh, hey Papa Bo!
Living her best life getting a shoulder massage at a soccer game. She's not spoiled at all :)

Papa Bo told Luca he would drive him home on his motorcycle if he scored a goal so he decided to score FOUR GOALS!!!

"Her arms are wrapped around your waist, with a balance that can keep you safe, have you ever felt the warm embrace, of a pleather seat between your leeeeegggsss!!!" Oh Macklemore. Best song ever.
Following through with his promise!

Nana B and Papa Bo whisked him off to their house for his one on one time with them. Each kid loves to be alone with them! It's their inner only child syndrome I must have passed down ;)
Making art outside...

It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing...she's never far away!

I love hanging out with this girl at school. I'm going to miss those hallway hugs when she leaves me next year!
Remember how I said our AC unit went out at school? Well. You know the heat is officially getting to you when you put your shirt on inside out and fail to notice for the ENTIRE DAY. We were picking up the littles and Ella said, "uh, mom??"
Field Day this year was AWESOME!!! Such a blessing to be with them and witness all of these little moments during the day.

Ella and her bestie Ariana!
Luca bringing his A game to tug of war. That kid is seriously strong!

Ella had her 4th grade graduation! My baby girl will go to MIDDLE SCHOOL next year!!! I know, I know...I've been told a thousand times that the years fly by...but I'm genuinely confused how all of this happened in such a short amount of time!

Wait, what?!?!

Little Elle and Arie in the 2nd row!
This is probably the best photo of the evening...ha! Mom trying to get a pick. Luca dabbing. Mom annoyed. Aunt Tesha trying to get Olli excited. Life!
But of course...this is the one I posted on social media :)

Her future is so bright she's gotta wear shades!

Milo was so proud to give his sissy the flowers.
Ella's favorite teacher!

These are some pictures of Ella and Ariana on their last 4th grade field trip to Wilson Park. They are such sweet girls. I pray she finds good, kind, loyal girls to grow through life with. Just like this one and her dear Abby in Seattle!

Prom pose! hahaha

On the last day of school, we had our awards assembly. Both kiddos were awarded Academic Excellence for their grades. Ella was also awarded the character award for responsibility. You go girl!

Milo thought he'd like to try taking his training wheels off! I was so proud of him for initiating! So brave! 

Ella hanging out on her special weekend with Nana B!
I love that they love to play with each other even though they are not so close in age. I hope they always have this special little something!
I pulled together a fun summertime basket with new beach towels, treats from the book fair, pool shoes, water bottles, a lemonade stand banner, goggles and other goodies to kick of the summer and keep them busy!
Finally getting some teeth back :) He's been missing most of his front teeth since KINDERGARTEN!!
Next week, Mike and I are off to Dallas for his doctoral graduation and a special little get away to celebrate the end of a BIG year! We are coming for you Harry!!!