Saturday, April 14, 2018

Easter and All Things Spring!

Although it certainly doesn't feel like it...Spring is here! Hoping for some warmer days soon!

 Luca is playing Spring soccer but so far both games have been cancelled due to weather!

 Milo has his own little ball and plays on the cute. He wants to do EVERYTHING Luca does lately :)
 Ready for rain!
 Rough day for Bitsy!
 Dying Easter eggs! This year we tried Martha's whipped cream and food dye method and it worked! They were marbled and super pretty.

 Time to hunt! Go Ellie go!
 I'm just winging it in life right now so I didn't get Miss Olli all dolled up...but I managed to get a bunny shirt on her!

 Luca won the golden egg!!
 Ella was so close and obviously not happy about it! Her big cousin Morgan who has yet to find the golden egg understood her feelings haha.
Which is why we were so excited for her when she found the adult prize egg!
Sorting through all the good stuff.
 Bubble fun!

 Olli and Josh pretending to be asleep :)
 Creative little easter baskets made all out of candy stuffed with origami "bunny money" and confetti eggs!

 Ella and Daddy making Easter brunch...
 While the boys watched monster truck races with Papa Bo :) I'm also happy to report that BIG RED WALL finally got painted!
 Other than that, we've just kept it pretty simple around here while we wrap up a busy season. Mike defended his dissertation and received a high pass so he will walk in June and is OFFICIALLY Dr. Michael P. Reading!!! He's also wrapping up his season with work matters as he transitions into his new career role with Wal-Mart. That will be done in May. Until then, we just keep watching the weeks zoom by!
It dawned on me one day at recess duty that I was spending the last few weeks with my buddy in 2nd grade. What a privilege it has been to get to start a new school and a new grade together...especially my first year going back to work and my first time teaching with school age kids. I've watched him grow so much and love him being right next door, getting to watch him play at school, hugs in the hallway...all of it!
Our second grade field trip to Crystal Bridges! Luca adding to the mural...

 Then there is this pistol who is keeping us all on our toes. She definitely leads the pack and they all do what she says! They do love to baby her, but if they ever don't...this.

 Ella is the sweetest big sister and Olli looks up to her so much already. I'm so happy they have each other.

 This was a bit more like it for Olli ;)