Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Fling 2018

I'm going to start our post...aka March photo dump...with an update on our Ollipop's ever "blooming" personality. This girl. The past few months have been hysterical, enlightening and just a big WOW. I have a different vision of her/our future than I did 6 months ago. It's a little terrifying but mostly adorable haha. Our quiet, gentle, complacent, easy going, no fuss, wittle baby girl has become a ornery, boat rocking, fight picking, shade throwing, term seeking, bossy, dramatic, tiny dictator. She went from mild mannered to a PARTY ANIMAL. 4 kids in and I've never seen such a dramatic shift! She's all about mama. Being the youngest of a bunch, she always can find someone to ooh and awe for her and be at her disposal. She's not afraid of anything. She bulldozes her way into everything with no fear and has so many bumps and bruises to show for it! Her personality + growing up with all of her "yes" people + her deep raspy voice...Lord help us all. Not sure what's going to come of this. All I know is it's going to be fun!
 A rare sweet moment with her Daddy haha. She usually runs the other way while pointing her finger at him with a firm NO! It's funny because she loves him. But for this stage, she is a MAMA'S GIRL!!! She'll always love on him, play with him or do what he wants...but only on her terms after giving him the run around.

She loves to sing. She started singing and then Milo responded with "MY...". This only provoked her to sing more songs just to get him going. 

What I didn't catch on video is Olli singing Frera Jaque (or however you spell it) in the French version and Milo replying, "no that's MY sleepy brother John!!!" Or the next day when it was totally over and we were in the car on the way home and she asked Milo, "you want a sheep?" and started singing Bah Bah Black Sheep. And as you can imagine, they fought over who's sheep it was the whole way home. Every time she finds a way to get a rise out of her people, she just adds it to the arsenal and it can show up at anytime. She doesn't forget a thing!

March is also birthday month!!! I celebrated my birthday with this beautiful woman of 90 years. Her birthday is the day before mine so we are birthday buddies! It was surprise party so she didn't know we all were going to be there. She wasn't feeling her best this day but she was a trooper. She wasn't able to make it to lunch at her favorite restaurant so we all rolled out and ate Golden Corral for her :)

 Then we gathered at her daughters house so surprise her when she got there! It was good to sit and visit with her. Something that has taken us far too long to do since moving back. 
Grandmama and her grandbabies!
 The next day we celebrated at mom and dad's with a birthday lunch :) I went wild and crazy and ate carbs for the first time since December ;) This is 34!
Bitsy got all fancy for it haha

Then came Spring Break 2018!!! 

 Our first big Spring Break adventure was to Little Rock to catch up with our people! Ruthie and Olli aka Betty and Ethel picked right back up where they left off. Milo and Elijah found new fast friends with each other!
I mean, these two...
 Babies during a Seattle visit and big boys during our Little Rock visit!
 Bubble mittens. Messy but fun!

 Our weekend was full of snacks, hot wheels, hatchimals, Boss Baby, wrestling matches on the bed  and toddler fights because, well, toddlers :) It was so much fun and the first time we've gotten to have both babes together at the same time!!! I love getting to be a mommy with my friends now that we live so much closer <3 p="">

 On Wednesday, Mimi and I braved the Amazeum along with all of the rest of the children in NWA ;) They have a hot wheels exhibit right now which is basically Milo's wonderland!!!

 On the last weekend of Spring Break, we drove to OKC on Saturday to celebrate my bestie's baby's first birthday! Diana and I have so much fun party planning these past couple of months and it was so special to be there to celebrate with them!
Not a big fan of anyone buy Mommy ;)
 Same with this one...clearly a little irked that Daddy got in her picture with mommy :) Mike was just joking today about how he and Ella already have their wedding dance song picked out Olli will be changing the traditional father/daughter dance to a mother/daughter dance...ha!! Now what song would that be?!?
 Awe :) He's seriously the sweetest calmest baby.
So crazy that Ella is only 2 years younger than the age we met...
 He was such a gentleman about his cake. He needed a little encouragement from his Aunt
My BFFAE and her precious flower girl!!!

Mama's girls <3 div="">
 And I don't have that many pictures of the boys because they literally ran wild the ENTIRE time. Olli was right along with them except for when she got a superficial boo boo that she needed lots of attention for or when she wanted to every 5 minutes :) In the 2 hour span of the party, my boys literally rode the wheels off of the birthday boy's brand new wagon, popped the decorative confetti balloon and decapitated the fondant bunny on top of the cake to ask if they could eat it. For real :\

Today we (me and the bigs) celebrated Sullivan at the park for his 2nd birthday! I didn't get any pictures at the party but it was so cute! Yesterday was beautiful (as seen above) and today was soooooo rainy and cold. Welcome to March! I stayed bundled in my jacket and left with no pictures other than these tired little sicklings opening their party favors at home. 
And finally I leave you with my people. Sometimes I wonder if they were born crazy or if we made them this way...nature vs. nurture? I seriously wonder haha. Either way I wouldn't change a thing.