Saturday, February 10, 2018

[another one bites the dust]

Like I said, twenty-GREATteen is off to a GREAT start! Especially if your name is Ella Avery Reading! More fun was one of our resolutions and we are over achievers in this family so one thing led to another and then this...
If I'm being honest I'm just as excited as she is!

Something not so great is the continued illness. I'm convinced that there are different germs in every state and we lost our immunity to Arkansas which is why we have all been so SICK! I took this picture because I thought he was so cute. He was SO excited about his fundraiser he wouldn't even let us touch the catalogue. When I went in to check on him before bed I found him like this. So cute! But then I noticed those rosy cheeks and red lips...
 And just a few days later we were in the doctor's office!
 This little one went above and beyond and landed himself a case of pneumonia. And pink eye. AND an ear infection! So extra! I can't deal. Sick babies are the saddest thing in the world. And our refrigerator looks like a pharmacy.
But he has the very best brother and sisters! This was their very best attempt to put a smile back on his face. Do you see what I deal with? haha
It's definitely a circus at my house and Luca is naked half the time.
Love my crazy people! They make life fun!
 That little teeny bopper above is feeling much better and has finished her round of meds. But bring on the mega meltdown every time she see's Milo and Ella talking theirs because she thinks it's hers! OMG toddlerhood. We are definitely in the thick of it.
 Finally this morning these two crashed my Saturday morning snooze fest. Oh well. Snuggle now, sleep later!