Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Twenty Gr-EIGHT-teen!!!

The best part of January was celebrating Grandpa's 85th birthday! Two of his favorites...family and fried chicken. Planning many more fishing trips instead of hospital trips this year :)
Work hard, play hard, sleep HARD!
 Silly Milo :)

 Spending the last couple days in January hanging out at home with my sick baby :( Another ear infection and I'm suspecting a funky virus.

 And I'm ending with a flashback of this delicious boy of mine. If I had to pick one single photo that captured everything about him, this would be it! His tender heart, innocence, love of fashion, gorgeous hair with that unruly cowlick in the front, artistic talent, puppy dog eyes filled with wonder and spark (and a little mischief ;)) and his never ending curiosity about all kinds of things. I could go on. I'm just really proud of this boy. He's grown up so much this year and I've learned so much more about him. I love hanging out with him in 2nd grade and seeing him in action every day. I love that he see's the best in others and is always kind. I love that he doesn't notice or care about differences and calls everyone his friend. And I'm relieve to see such a strong boy after a brand new year. He's grown up so much! He's incredible.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


January has been COLD and we've been cooped up inside! With chill factors being in the negatives, we haven't gotten out much which has been kind of nice. We've found ways to have fun though! 
 Saturday morning Jumanji movie with Nana B!
 Don't let this sweet face fool you...she's a wild one! Also, reading People Magazine with mom as her bed time story :) 4th child perks or probs? haha