Thursday, November 30, 2017


 Thanksgiving Day was in Van Buren this year! We all feasted and then spent the night together...all 8 adults and NINE kids! We did a little mini early Christmas as well since we won't see the Williams!

 After the feast, it was time to fish!

 Gone fishin!
 A boy and his pops! Love this picture.

 Cousins in their matching Christmas Pjs!

 Could she be any cuter?!?! Thank you Ashley Bohannan for this stylish getup!

 I didn't get much pics from my family's Thanksgiving gathering but at least I got the cutest part :)
Olli + Ellie Thanksgiving Edition!

 Another one of my favorite parts of November was getting to see my girl Missy!!! She was in town with a friend for the game. Although we've known each other for years, Dallas was my home when we taught together. It was so great to have her here in my other home! We decided more road trips to NWA would definitely be in the future.

 These two. Love!
 Milo+Mama snuggles!!!

 The first two trees in our house are up!

 Beautiful church!

Milo's Big Day

"I want a Chuck E Cheese birthday with a bike and dinosaur balloons and a fight spinner cake and pizza and Mama Daddy Jonah "Sosie" Nana B Papa Bo Mimi and Pops! My 'booday' my 'booday' K!!!" Is what we've heard probably 20 times a day for the last 3+ months since we celebrated his big brother's birthday in early August! It all clicked for this boy and he was ready for HIS birthday from that day forward! Today is his actual birthday, but we celebrated early over Thanksgiving break (for reasons above) haha...and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just as excited as he was to make this day happen. It was the first time he's expressed his opinion on what kind of party he wanted and what gift he wanted and who was to be there. It was pretty cute! So here are some pics of his long awaited day. I can't believe our Mighty Milo is FOUR!!!!
 Chuck E. Cheese...his idol!! (and I seriously can't believe he's not afraid of this guy haha)

 Birthday Boy!

 He's been doing this pose for so long and I didn't know what he was doing until this moment. He hasn't mastered the thumbs up and puts his pointer finger up instead (which I knew) but in this moment I realized he was doing the Chuck E Cheese pose that is on all of the advertisements (and his shirt). He pointed to the big sign on the building (same on his shirt) and gave us his thumbs up and said CHUCK E.!!!!! He cracks me up!

 And of course, my inner party girl took over and I had to get a little creative. We went vintage with the party with all kids of loot from the Pizza Time Theater and Showbiz days. SO FUN!! I always loved Chuck E. Cheese and the whole Showbiz gang when I was little but unlike Milo, I was also slightly terrified.

 One of my new all time favorite pics!

 One of the best parts of today is that ALL of his cousins were able to be here! Kenzie, Wyatt and Maddie were in town for the holiday and got to celebrate with us...he had SO much fun and all of his cousins made him feel so special.

Party girl dancing on the stage! Pretty sure that's not allowed but too cute to stop it!

 His bigs got in the ticket catcher first to let him know it was FUN!

 I wasn't sure if he'd go for it but when they came out, he was ready to go in!

Present time!!! Just what he asked for,  BIKE!! A bike is the first thing he's ever asked for that wasn't a car. So naturally, we got him a car bike :) A RED car cars are his favorite!

  After his party, Mimi took him and his cousins to the park. I came home to put Olli down for a  nap. I set out all of his toys and when he got home, he just played away! The bike has lived in our house since that day. He's not too much of a daredevil so he prefers the walk his bike with his feet ;) No peddling! And preferably on the carpet so it doesn't go too fast. Also, in full padded first!

 I just love him.