Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

We've continued our Pumpkin Patch tradition with Nana B through the years and across the country! We've patched it up in Texas, Washington, and now home sweet home in ARKANSAS!!!


 Milo's favorite part :)

 Olli's favorite part :)


 And then mommy resting the next date while Daddy took our little people to the neighborhood park!
 At our weekly family dinner, we carved our pumpkins and busted out matching pjs from Nana B and Papa Bo!

 And now ready for!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Birthday Girls

We had a big week celebrating a 2 year old and 10 year old 3 days apart and a birthday party each weekend! We will start with this birthday doll...
 Her sweet big sis stayed up late the night before helping us put together her horse and carriage.

Bitsy's birthday was on a Friday so we had her party on the day of!

 Her theme was "TWO Fancy". I used all of her necklaces for decorations. And her newborn tutu as some extra frill for her cake plate :)
 We were so fancy we even busted out the wedding china!

 Her baby crown...replaced with her new big girl birthday crown!
 and fancy food of course :)

 A special cupcake for the birthday girl!

 Crowns for all!

 One of my favorite details...

Seriously guys...

 An early birthday gift for Ella Bella!
 And then 3 days after my baby girl turning into a toddler, I had to let my first born baby girl turn 10 :(
 10 sparkler candles at 6 am may have been a little much but I just couldn't' help myself!
 Her birthday was on a Monday so we celebrated with a special Sunday lunch, donuts on Monday morning and then had her party on Saturday. She decided that instead of having a big party, she just wanted a few friends and to do more stuff. She's growing up on me! She wanted a unicorn slime party :) We had all things unicorn and SLIME! Crunch slime, fish bowl slime, fluffy slime, avalanche slime, butter slime, floam, glitter and on and on! Then she wanted to get their nails done and have lunch at her favorite place of all time...a chinese buffet :) It was a special day for me to because it was the first time I felt like a big girl mom. This is going to be fun. A little scary...but fun too!

 The menu of choice...fruit and veggie tray, and moochie balls! She's always had a sophisticated palette :)
 It was so sweet to watch her opening her presents. One friend brought her tablet so she could record it all. They all wrote such sweet notes to her with all the love and BFFs and inside jokes and forever friends...
 She said no cake but I didn't obey.


 Pippa is a party girl!!!

 Party favors!!!

 Time slow down!!! Just a little flashback to my mermaid girl...
and to my boo face and baby girl who's not a baby anymore! She is practically the age of Milo in this pic.
And now that boo face is about to turn 4! Yes, those are undies on his head. He's totally into it these days :) 
Also, he just decided (literally on a Friday afternoon) that he was ready to pee in the potty. No potty training. All suggestions about potting previously put down (strongly). But in true Milo style, he just makes up his mind one day and then boom!!
And somehow I managed to squeeze in a halloween pj party with some of the coolest teachers there ever were :)
Love me a side pony.