Saturday, August 26, 2017


Just a quick recap on the first two weeks of school! Olli got an ear infection so Uncle Mike got take the rest of the kids to Sophie's birthday!
 Hands off my cupcake!
 Friday was picture day...I never got a back to school picture either so this counted as that as well!

 Little did we know, Olli was sick with a tummy bug and didn't even make it to school before she started throwing up on the bus :( I should have known. This was us waiting for the bus...
 As soon as I got my school day started I went right back home and snuggled with this girl for the rest of the day. I didn't like her being sick...but it was so nice to just sit and hold her all day long.
Here's to hoping the domino effect doesn't start knocking us down one by one!
 And a cute flashback of our mighty milo!!!

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