Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Aug 11 back to school night
school starts the 16th 

No post code envy here ya'll! We are loving our life here in Rogers!

We have moved into OUR HOME and are finally settled in Arkansas after a 6 month transition home from Seattle. We are so happy to be settled...just in time for the beginning of the school year! Yay!

I think the boys are a little tired of all the heavy lifting though haha

We landed in Rogers just a minute or two at the most from our cousins Jonah and Sophie! The first Friday after our move, we had a little watch party for the Decendents 2 premier! 
Sophie helped me make homemade pizzas :)
It's so fun to be able to do this again. When Mike and I got married, we were neighbors with David and Tesha...and now were are here and neighbors again! Just with a few more kids this time :)
 Also...I found these little gems on my phone from the kids this summer haha.

Crazy hair don't care!
The kids have been getting settled into the new house and loving having all of their stuff again. I'll have to post pics of the house when we get it all together. 

And I leave you with this hilarious girl...she's a hoot!

And Olli is "gansta" now thanks to her sissy :)

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