Friday, June 16, 2017

Cool for the Summer

First I'd like to start out by introducing the new Director of Work Matters...Michael P Reading!!!!!!

 We could not be more thrilled and thankful for this job opportunity. Knowing that this position was posted for 9 months...before moving was even on our radar...actively searched for 5 months and the first hire for this position in 7 years and here he is. He's worked so hard on his doctorate and to come home without job security and nail your dream job is...well...incredible. We are thrilled to be a part of the Work Matters family and are so ecstatic about how our journey home in 2017 is unfolding.
 I have made the decision to go back to work so I'm actively searching for a teaching position! That also means that I'm soaking up every day of summer with these kiddos! To make up for 4 years of lost swimming time in Seattle, we are going to the pool A LOT!
 {She's very creative with finding make shift pacis since we took hers away haha}

Olli is quite the fearless little fishy...

 One trip I ended up putting a few life saving float devices on her because I couldn't keep her from trying to dive in!

 Then we have the opposite issue with little Milo who won't even take his swimming ring off to eat a snack! He's very cautious about the water and prefers to be held or in a baby ring :)
 baby buns!!!

 Olli + Ellie swimsuit edition part 2!!!

 And then of course the best part about summer swims is the sleepy babies!!!

Look at that face...
 We've tried to have a healthy balance of going out for fun and some good ole lazy days at home as well. On this particularly rainy day, we made cookies with our rainbow cookie dough!
 And there's days like this when maybe we should have gone out to get ride of some energy! Ella has discovered Miranda Sings from Haters Back Off and I have to say she does a fantastic impression. We'll call this day the family talent show :)

Such a goofball!
It has been so lovely being home for many obvious reasons but this is a big one! I get to see my soul sister Anne! We've wished for YEARS now that we could at least live in the same state. She's one of my dearest, bestest friends. We had made peace with the fact that we didn't and may never {until we share a room with twin beds at our retirement home for active seniors}...but now all the sudden we do. We've had more FaceTime this year than we have our entire friendship it seems! We love it so much that when one of us is passing through town we meet for breakfast even if it means we are dining with FIVE little people.
 My mom has been taking the kids one by one over the weekend for a special weekend just for them. Luca was the first up! The day he got there was national donut day so they headed over to Rick's Bakery to decorate some donuts!

 Then, of course, LOTS of Rhino riding where Luca got to learn to drive it himself!

 Favorite park and splash pad fun...

 Then a movie date with Nana B to see Captain Underpants!

Ella was up next. For her visit she requested to make slime...

 She also wanted to go to the Amazeum! They spent 6 whole hours there! I think Ella enjoyed getting to do something that wasn't interrupted with someone else's nap time :)

My mom said she was definitely my kid because she spent quite a bit of time organizing the food in the grocery store :)

 We are spending a lot of time in NWA even though we haven't moved yet which means lots of time with cousins!!!

My girl and her musicallys :)
 We also had to try out this new donut shop in Fay-Town. It was the funkiest little jig with the most creative donuts and art!

 They even have a donut ambulance that actually delivers donuts haha.

 And then the rest of June's photo dump!

When big sister dresses you...
 and when big brother dresses you :)

Hey girl hey!

Last day of school!!! Ella was welcomed to the sweetest friend that made moving ok. I'm so happy these two found each other!