Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Day

I know I know May Day is a sign of trouble but rest assured THE READINGS ARE WELL!!! Life is chugging along and Mike and I have a lot of exciting things in the works. We genuinely have no idea what our life looks like from week to week but good things keep coming our way and we know that God has us! 2017 has been the most unexpected and unpredictable year of our lives yet. But it is all good things. Better than we hoped or imagined. It just requires daily choice to trust and have faith. The months keep going by faster and faster and here we are in the 5th month of the year. This is what May has looked like so far during our first year home...

Unicorn sissies...just couldn't help myself with those shoes. 
 And sister kissies!!
 Mike got to get away with some of his lifelong dude friends. That hasn't been able to happen in so long! The last time these guys were all together was Daniel and Anne's wedding 7 years ago! They plan to make this an annual event and I'm glad they are all here and able to do that.
 We've had many storms and I have to say...I have missed these southern thunderstorms! I love me some thunder until the first tornado warning when I have a mild panic attack and start planning our move back to the PNW. This was one STORMY Saturday. The only thing to do was snuggle my superheros in bed and watch Netflix!

 Olli has turned from a baby to a toddler. I brought a baby with me to Arkansas and she has grown up so much. Her personality, her attitude, her play, her tiny rollie pollie baby fat rolls stretching out into longer thinner legs...just stop it already!!! milk!

 And speaking of the attitude!
 Just give her the paci and no one will be harmed!
Those tootsies!!!!
 She has become very...very...I repeat VERY attached to her pacis. She carries around 3 at all times. One in her mouth and one in each hand. I think we missed the easy weaning mark. She has also taken a liking to almost every single stuffy she has...a princess bunny lovey, a piggy, 3 blankeys and ALL of her unicorns haha.

She eats everything under the sun. She broke into Pops' cheetos and had no shame when I caught her!
 Milo is killing it at school and has made some friends. He also willingly participates with the class! He loves his friends and all...but not taking pictures haha. Everything in his own time :)....which is why he's on the fast track to 4 and still wearing diapers {insert long sigh}

He has been hooked on his hat lately and refuses to take it off...even for school. He was screaming MAMA MAMA MAMA i the middle of the night a few nights ago. I ran in thinking he was having a bad dream. Turns out he just wanted his hat. Ay de me. 

 Luca is rocking it at school too. This school has been the biggest blessing to my kids!
Luca has also decided he wants to be baptized. It was such a sweet moment when these 3 generations of men stood together in front of this church together in his decision...

 Ella Bella is mastering third grade. I still can't believe my tiny newborn baby is in the third grade! She loves her teacher and has really thrived at this school. Here she is presenting her research project on African Elephants to the class.
 When she was done she went straight to the back to snuggle her Mimi!
 Ella and Mrs. Hesson...
This week was her class play where she played the grape lollypop fairy in the story of the fidget spinner store. Anyone else heard of these fidget spinners? They are all the rage. Reminds me of playing pogs in middle school and silly bands that took over when I was teaching first grade :)

 Last week the girls and I attended my cousin Patrick's wedding reception following there surprise wedding! It was a beautiful day and so great to be here for all of these things I've missed through the years.

 Miss Mae looking so pretty in her little yellow love love

 This girl loves her Nana B

I leave you with the cutest little buddy boo wanting to be just like his daddy. Mike has this ridiculous Rocky like workout with a tire and sledge hammer. Seriously reminds me of the Rocky workout montage haha. Anyway, Milo found a toy with a tire just his size and a 3 lb weight. He goes out and does it with Mike the entire time...only taking a few small breaks to come in for vanilla wafers. Love this boy!!!

time for some push ups!
 and rest...

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