Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Fling

It has been so great reuniting with all of our people and them being a part of our everyday life again. We've seen many but still have so many to see! Not a bad problem to have :) In early April, I took off to Dallas for a reunion with my girls and to meet the twins of our dear friends Amy and Hersson. Originally we  were going to all go together...but I ended up just sneaking away myself for some much needed rest, relaxation and girl time :)

My first stop was to meet Mila and Jude. They were so tiny and adorable! I'm so incredibly happy for these people!

Next stop was Coppell to my girl Missy's house. I stayed 2 nights with Missy and on Saturday, we met up with the whole gang...we took the train to Deep Ellum and hung out at the arts festival and hopped from patio to patio!

Stirr was our first stop for brunch on the rooftop patio. I loved this place! I loved the vibe and the delicious food...

Peace, Love & Longhorns! 

It was the perfect weekend. The only sad part was missing my Ella Bella who was awarded student of the month for the character quality, resilience. The trip was planned before I knew about this but Mimi and Daddy where there to support our girl! I'm so proud of her for how she has handled this BIG move not to mention how fast it happened. She is a brave and so sweet. I was so worried about the transition and I can honestly say all the kids have rocked it...but especially the big kids who had more change to deal with. They are thrilled to be home in Arkansas, but change is still hard you know?
I thought it was so sweet what her teacher had to say about her. This school is awesome and the teachers are so caring. 

I came back from my girls weekend rested and refreshed to these sweeties and signs they had made! 

The following week, Kenzie came to spend her spring break at Mimi and Pop's house. It was such a fun week! They girls got to do a lot of bonding together to make up for lost time. They had a blast!
Jonah and Sophie joined us on Sunday for the Reading family easter egg hunt...

The next few pics is Olli's first time to hunt eggs and as you can see...a refusal to use a basket to help her out! It was fun to watch as I realized how competitive she was and she wanted to do it HERSELF!!! No help...not even a basket!
one egg...
two eggs...
three eggs...

four eggs...she was totally offended when I offered her help ;)
Olli definitely had her game face on :)

We spent the rest of the day in the backyard. The grown ups played pitch. The weather was perfect. The kids played with helicopter balloons I just happened to have stashed in the closet for an event such as this. It was a perfect day!

On Monday, Mimi checked all the kids out of school and took them to the high rise for a fun day of play...
Kenzie played little mama during the days while the big kids were at school. Olli loves her and she loves Olli!!! Kenzie has always been a little mama. I'll never forget the day I walked in the room and she had changed Ella's diaper...both at the wee age of two!
The girls enjoyed manis, pedis and a shopping spree!

I love how the teachers at Central have their own Facebook page so I get to see what my little lovelies are up to at school every day! It's nice to see them in action at school. This is Milo and his buddies making baskets for their Easter party. Milo has made a little friend named Bryson that he loves to tell us about. This is his first friend apart from his big brother and sister and the people he meets through them!

Luca's Easter bunny :)
Ella's class teamed up with the special needs class for a field trip to Chuckee Cheese. This is Ella and her buddy!
A photo Ella's teacher posted of Ella and her friend at "stay and play" after school...

And finally I leave you with a spring photo dump!

Rough and Tumble...literally

Ella and her musically :)
These are sideways but too cute not to share...

This little girl constantly puts herself in danger! She loves to eat rocks and get dirty and climb on everything...she might be our little tomboy :)

So handsome and growing up so much!
Good gollie miss Olli you're a CUTIE PIE and getting so big!!!

Off to Nana B and Papa Bo's to dye Easter eggs and celebrate Easter!

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