Friday, March 10, 2017

Heart of the matter

Everyone knows that life can change in an instant. Less than 2 months ago, Mike and I were settled in Seattle for the indefinite future! Our path was leading home, but we had no idea on a Tuesday mid-January that we would be headed home by the next week! The decision was quick and the move was even quicker but we wouldn't change it for anything. It was RIGHT. Life with 4 kids in Seattle so far from family and "home" was increasingly hard. Other than a few dear friends of ours, there wasn't anything we couldn't live without anymore. Mike was transitioning in his career and finishing his dissertation. There was always one more thing to finish or do...or so we thought. There is never a perfect or easy time to pick up a LARGE rooted family and go. Looking back from this summer and our visit home to Arkansas...I'm not sure my heart followed  us back to Seattle. We continued to chug along and it go so hard to the point where picking up and moving didn't seem like such a big deal anymore! It was time. Our thriving had turned to surviving and life's to short for that amen? So to most on the surface level, it doesn't sound reasonable OR responsible to pick up and quit jobs and move with no definites lined up...but that's kind of how we roll! We've always been a little cray like that :) We were prepared and took a leap of's a pattern for us :) We take big adventures and big moves and I love our journey for it. It's how we ended in Dallas which was a beautiful and fruitful part of our adventure together. Newlyweds, pregnant, no job at the time, yet enrolling in Mike's master's program and going anyway. It's how we've lived our lives and it's been a beautiful journey! It doesn't always make the most sense but every step of our journey has been an undeniable calling that has required a lot of trust. We've taken a lot of risks and adventures together that weren't sure to be comfortable but always proved to be more than we could have asked for if we laid out everything to bring security from the beginning. We haven't always chose the next safest thing...we've opted for the next best thing. We've experienced joy, life, relationships and so many experiences together that we wouldn't have if we hadn't taken risks and stepped out in faith. Sometimes the way things happen don't always make the most sense but that is where God comes in. And I'm thrilled that home sweet Arkansas was the next BEST thing. We've missed it.

Our adventures in Seattle flew by but at the same time feels like we had an entire lifetime together there. We are coming home very different people than when we left. We grew so much and experienced the world in so many new, exciting and different ways. We will always cherish that time and already miss it. It was so many things. It will always be home. 

Now we are back in Arkansas and things are lining up well. All confirmation that we did the right thing at the right time. The kids are happy in school. Mike just nailed down a dream job with really good people in professional area of his doctorate. It's a new career path and we feel so extremely blessed to have this opportunity so soon. We are making our rounds among all of our people and relishing in the fact that this is our life now...not just a summer break. We were called away for so long and it feels so so good to be home. 

Here's to the next chapter in our story...

Welcome home 2017!

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