Friday, March 10, 2017


I mean this in the cutest way possible...

But doesn't this adorable little creature remind you of another adorable little someone you know???

Just know that I think baby gorilla's are the cutest thing on the planet next to real babies but I just can't get over how much Olli looks like a baby gorilla and I love that she does. She's got cute poofy black hair on the top of her head that goes wild if we aren't careful. She has a big ole round belly. Her legs are little, short and bowed. She stomps her feet when she walks and swings her arms which hang super low to the ground because, well, she's short. She sways when she walks. She has a cute little nose. She grunts and growls. She'a always hanging on mama or upside down. She loves to be carried like this by her daddy.
She might hate me for this someday but I think its seriously adorable. In the cutest way possible, don't you see it?!? ***p.s. I'm not the first one who has made this observation ;)

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