Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Madness

March is almost over and I can't believe it! I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Ron and Margie made an amazing dinner. It was a nice quiet day with my family :)

When big brothers get ahold of you...
Family game night!
My brother and sister in law came to spend a Sunday with us which was a nice way to continue the birthday celebration!
Milo finally got started at his new school. He only got one week in before spring break...but it was a good week! He was a little shy and had to have cars and blanky in tow but he rocked it! His teacher sent me these pictures of his first day...

Ella is thriving at school and won the task master award for her baby lit essay. Her teacher said so many nice things about her. None are surprising but we are always so proud to hear about her hard work and her sweet heart.
Making dinner with Mimi!

Milo's new favorite game he learned from Pops...count toes!!!

Ella still rocking the musically account. She's such a hoot!

Cool dude in all his swag :-) He's enjoying the wide open spaces but still always looks good even when he's getting dirty!
The kids have had such good cousin time since we've been back. Family is so important and I'm so happy that these kids get to do life together closely. Such a blessing and one we don't take for granted!
Over spring break, we spent the week in NWA. We stayed half the time with Uncle David and Aunt Tesha and the other half the time with Nana B and Papa Bo.

We had movie nights and they played so hard. We went to see Beauty and the Beast and we played at Fun City. Story time with Aunt Tesha!
We had a couple of stormy days so we headed to this new park one morning to get the wiggles out before being cooped up inside. The stormy evening was fun though cuddled up watching Pete's Dragon with Nana B!

(those dimples...obsessed)

Watching the rain with popsicles on the patio!

We also got to celebrate cousin Sullivan's first birthday! He had a circus themed birthday party. He and Olli will have such a good time together :)
Olli spent the entire time trying to tame tackle Hazel the Great. Good thing she wasn't a real lion! Just a very patient doggie :)

Lifting her dumbell weights :)

Mike is settling into his new job at Optimus Training Development. It is such a great place with great people. He is getting to work his doctoral project in as well. So many prayers answered! This transition has been so good and we are happy. So so happy. It's only been a couple of months! I can't wait to see what the next couple hold. Welcome home 2017!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter Photo Dump

FINALLY got Ella's cheer pics from the fall!!!

Looking all cute and stuff. I'm sure going to miss my baby fashion source at my little shop, Sela's Small Couture!
Olli's first piggies...
Olli doing Milo a favor and letting him hold her ;) crazy sometimes but oh so sweet!

We're ready for you spring!