Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where to start?

Well. When I wrote my last blog post on New Year's Eve, I had no idea what 2017 would hold. My resolution was to just take 2017 as it comes and to not make plans. It's eery to think what was right around the corner that would require me to do just that and to the fullest extent! Intuition maybe? I dunno. Anyway, 2017 started off with a major bang and life change. We uprooted our life. I say that because Seattle had been our life and we had grown many roots there. It was home. We literally picked up and left. An opportunity presented itself for us to pack up and go home and we took it. We knew it would eventually happen, but we had no idea it would be now. There are such a wide range of emotions around this that I don't think I can fully explain or even let myself go there yet...but all I can say at this time is that it was the right thing, a hard thing but a very good thing.

These photos were unknowingly the last few days of our life in Seattle!

 Birthday party fun with besties that Ella misses dearly...probably the hardest thing for her other than missing her room.

 After this MAJOR decision was made, Olli and I flew home to spend a week and start making arrangements. Naturally I was a bit of a wreck so I was a bit tickled when the lady sitting next to us on the plane pulled out her "emotional support animal" and I took it as a sign haha.

 One of the first things we did was tell Granny and Grandpa the good news that they have been waiting to hear for a while now!
 The first week Olli and I flew back, she became an official Arkansan. She stayed in Arkansas while my mom and I flew to Seattle to pack and bring the rest of us home. This Pod showed in our driveway just like it did 4 years ago but this time we were packing it up. I think a part of me was experiencing some sort of shock and panic and I spent the week reflecting on every part of the past 4 years. The decision was made quickly but the move happened quickly as well. There was so much to do and process and not a lot of time. 

We ate our way through Seattle that week and spent every spare second we had (which would never be enough) walking our way through memories and saying goodbye to the people and places we loved most.
Milo throwing back a double shot of apple juice in a whiskey glass courtesy of our waiter haha...only in Seattle. Cheers!
***Sidestory: Milo doesn't eat anything these days but decided to put away a plate of fried calamari. You JUST NEVER KNOW about this kid!

 This teacher right here was Ella's favorite...and mine too. I will miss seeing her and having her watchful eye over my babies. She took such good care of them.
One last spin on the giraffe...
 Also, on the kids last day, Luca received an award at the first grade assembly!!! He was awarded for being a kind and thoughtful friend and growing as a reader and writer. So proud of you buddy boo!

 We had a girls night at the Melting Pot for these two girls. A special dinner for the mommy daughter duo.
 After the house as packed and the Pod was shipped, we spent the last couple of days with our Wilsons. These were our first friends soon after we moved to Seattle and we've done it all together for 4 solid years. We have been through so much with these people. Of all the things to deal with, this was the hardest :(
And the last (for now) supper couldn't have been any more appropriate. Flatbread :) It's a realson framily staple!

 And as if we hadn't put our friendship to the test enough by moving across the country, I decided to push it one step further and smuggle boxed wine into their house!

Pops and Uncle David got to Seattle the night before the big move. It was late and we had an early flight but we took advantage of one last outing to talk and spend time together in front of the beautiful skyline.

 We ended on the beach that night and then turned in to get a few zzzz's before an early flight. And just like that, a week had flown by and we were off.
 The next week was somewhat of a blur. Mike, Pops and Uncle David were making the drive with our  vehicles while I got started unpacking. As most of you know, Mike is getting his doctorate. He's been working on it for about a year. He has started his dissertation and we will be staying with Mimi and Pops until he is finished 1. So he has more time and can complete it sooner 2. So we know where his job will be! We don't know exactly where to land until we know where that leads. We are taking advantage of full on family time that we haven't had at our disposal for a while now.
 City kids confused by all the animal heads. "MOMMY!!! THERE'S DEAD ANIMALS ON THE WALL! EVEN A DOG!!" (but actually a coyote)
 The kids got started in their new schools right away and we all are loving it. They have had all the special treatment and attention. They feel so special and have made fast friends. I am so thankful for the school they landed. This won't be their permanent school but it's the perfect place for them to be during this transition.

 First day of school (again) swag...

So that's it! That's not all. Probably more later. But that is how we got to Arkansas. It's almost March now and I'm playing catchup on the blog. It's crazy to think of how different our lives changed in a matter of 2 weeks in January let alone how far we've come in the first 2 months of 2017! My resolution to not make plans, to take things as they come and make the most of everything has been proven to be insightful, necessary and so challenging in the most unexpected ways. 2017 is going to be a big one! We are ready though. We are home. Big sigh of relief, joy, anticipation and thankfulness for it all. Here's to the next chapter of our story. Always an adventure!

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