Sunday, February 26, 2017


Soon after the kiddos got here and got settled into their school, a daddy daughter dance came up!
 Ella was so excited!!

 all the princesses!

 happy girl!!

 Me, Mike and the babies took off to Fayetteville for a day to have lunch with Nana B and to hang out a bit. We had lunch and then played at Barnes and Noble.

On the way home, Olli was not a happy camper and sweet little Milo held her hand the whole way back :)

The look on Milo's face when he know's he's being sweet/cute/funny but he doesn't want to smile :)
That smile! Too cute!

 Nana B and Papa Bo came up to Van Buren to have lunch and spoil the kiddos with Valentine goodies. We ate at Pizza Parlour, played games and enjoyed our valentines!

 After lunch we went straight home to do some of Ella's nail art. She chose the beach theme :)

 And I have about 1000 pics of Olli on Valentines day because she was just too sweet posing for the camera!

 opening her present!

 A water baby + Annie's bunnies=happy baby :)

The kids had their Valentine's Day parties at school that Mommy and Mimi got to go to! 

Trading Valentines with friends at school :)
 When the kids got home, we have them their Valentines from Mommy and Daddy.

 Milo's favorite...a big chocolate truck!

The following weekend, Mike and I got to get away on a weekend trip without the kids for the first time in 4 YEARS!!! That's way too long you guys. 
 We went to Little Rock to spend a night with our McPherson's and then stay a night at the Capitol Hotel for some wining and dining and much needed rest and relaxation.

 On our way back home, we took a detour to pick up the kids from Nana B and Papa Bo's and have a birthday dinner for Mike with Uncle David and Aunt Tesha and to let cousins play together!!
 A couple of the kids got sick while we were gone and it was all down hill from there. For the next week, we all dropped like flies. One by one we came down with the worst stomach bug in the history of stomach bugs. It's been terrible. Hey, at least we have some family around to help us out!

 I wish I looked this cute when I was sick...

 Poor baby. It was super sad but I sure enjoyed the snuggles.
 As soon as Olli and Milo got better, this one went down. Again, so sad but still so darn cute! He said he needed to hold her to feel better.
 Mike came down with it as well but luckily was feeling better to celebrate his 34th birthday.
 By the time this day rolled around it was my turn to have the stomach flu. It's like my body knew I had cared for everyone who was going to have it and they were ok now so it was ok for me to succumb to it haha. Anyway, Ella (my party girl) was so on top of this and she saved the day. She went shopping for him with Mimi, wrote sweet cards (Luca too) and topped the evening off with a joke that brought a long lost smile to this man's face that I hadn't seen in a while. She said she made him brownies. When he tore back the cover off the pan, he found a bunch of brown "E's" that she had cut out of paper. Such a hoot!
Photo opps from shopping shenanigans with Mimi!

 Pops and the kids did a little exploring on the land this past week. I think our city kids are enjoying getting a little dirty :)

 Meanwhile, this cutie and I were being lazy inside. Pops got her dressed this morning but her outfit couldn't have been more perfect. I've been a little Seattle homesick this week.

 Our little Pacific Northwest baby is probably going to have the strongest southern drawl hehe :) It will be so cute with her deep raspy little voice!

 Crazy hair don't care!

 Ready for church on this beautiful Sunday morning!

That's a wrap for February. I dare not predict what March will bring! Whatever it is I'm up for it though. 
Welcome home 2017!