Tuesday, December 6, 2016

THREE cheers for Milo Jude!

It's been a BIG week for our mighty Milo! First, he turned THREE. We were waiting for a little weekend celebration so we went to eat at Red Robin on the day of. We skyped with grandparents and just loved on our mighty man. He watched the boats, we watched the sun set, and then we went back home to a ginormous spiderman balloon!

He had his last home visits with teacher Kimberly, Ms. Natalie (his SLP) and Ms. Laura (his OT). Now that he's 3 he will get to go to big boy school! They have been an integral part of the past 18 months and it was sad to say bye!

Since we started doing therapy at home, they brought his placemat and pictures they used at school. These were taken on our first day there when he was just 18 months old. It caught me off guard because he was such a wittle BABY!!! It's hard to believe 18 months have gone by and he's 3! True to Milo form, he didn't want his picture taken so they chased him all around trying to get a shot of his face :) It's been quite a journey. I remember that first day being emotional, scared and very unsure of what the near future held. What is happening? Will this go away? Is this really necessary? Will he just catch up? Is he just stubborn? How am I supposed to manage this while 9 months pregnant and then with a little baby? Why can't things be normal? As time went on, Milo continued to dislike going :) but I found a community of moms there and made relationships with the teachers which gave me much more confidence about what was happening and where we were going. I wanted it to go away and was overwhelmed when we started and after 18 months I didn't want to leave! It started as an overwhelming burden and so much fear and then ended up as one of the biggest blessings. So yeah, those pictures take me back! 

So now, here we are, 18 months later...Milo has a diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech and a Sensory Processing Disorder. While you never want your child to struggle with anything, we feel so much better to have answers now. It has also made me question what "normal" really is. Or if there is a norm, is it really that important? I don't think so anymore. I feel like I know him much better and am a much better mommy for him. He's trickier and has more quirks than the others but at the same time, ALL of my children are tricky in there own way :) I have learned his little mind and how smart he is and I have so much more confidence to be his mommy now that I would have had if I didn't face it and just powered through. Not to mention Milo...he's at so much more of an advantage having these past 18 months of therapy before preschool. His services are already in place and he's leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. Now that he's 3 he will start going to preschool at Greenwood Elementary and will be serviced through Seattle School District. 

Since I've never been able to leave him with the exception of a few small people he's allowed into the "circle of trust", it really worried me as to how he would handle this transition. I was with him at Boyer and with his therapists. I don't go to preschool with him. He doesn't handle new/unfamiliar situations well, but I had to send him into something he's never done with people he doesn't know...including the bus. He's a huge skeptic of people until he has a lot of FaceTime with you. I could never let someone come to the house to babysit so how in the world is he going to handle getting on a bus? First bus ride+new people+unfamiliar experiences=a bloody catastrophe. But as it just so happens, Milo is obsessed with busses. It never fails, he always rises to the occasion! Just when I think it's going to be too much he flips a switch and rocks it. When he's made up his mind about something he's golden so thank goodness he made up his mind about busses before the big day! 
This is us anxiously waiting for the bus on the first day...

We all were a bit nervous. I may or may not have omitted twice that morning.

And then ta-daaa! Look at that face!
Oh what joy. It's all going to be ok.
Then it was time to PARTY!!!! Milo is obsessed with all things cars (and now busses) especially red cars so of course we had to do a drive in.

Party prepping the night before :)
We had his favorite things...cars, more cars, food and play-dough :) Everyone was given a car to decorate to watch Cars at the "drive-in". It was perfect.

We posted his banner that his friends from Boyer made for him...

Singing happy birthday!

Then it was time for presents :) Keeping with the vehicle theme, we got him a mini mod razor scooter. I expected it to go slow but we got the biggest laugh out of it when he hopped on to "zoom" away. It closely resembles an electric walmart cart. Our laughter ended up turning into a dance party to Downtown. Such a fun moment. 

Good times. We are so proud of you Milo!!! Happy birthday!!!

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