Saturday, December 31, 2016

Home For Christmas

Well we weren't home in Arkansas for the holidays this year but my mom and dad got to come so we had a piece of home with us in Seattle for a  PNW Christmas! We started December off with a fantastic snow to get us all in the Christmas we needed any help ;)
Snow day!!!
We held off on a few festivities to wait for Nana B and Papa Bo because everything is more fun with friends and family! As soon as they got here we got started on our gingerbread houses!

Papa Bo has spent many summers in Alaska and is fascinated by crab fishing so we headed straight down to the fisherman's terminal where the Alaskan crab boats doc.
We opened a few gifts throughout the week so we could know who they came from and have time to enjoy them all. Here are the boys in some new fancy socks from family at home! Robots and dump trucks :) Not pictured: ladybugs for Olli, Razorbacks for Mike, rainbow for me and giraffes for Ella

Nana B and Papa Bo always have stockings with gifts for the kids so of course she brought them along and we had a little mini Christmas before Christmas!

and finally Ella's turn!

One of my favorite Christmas pics haha. Her selfie game is strong ya'll.

Reading her new book Baby's Christmas with Nana B
Tape to make roads for the cars!
Me, mom and Ella got to sneak out with just us big girls to run some last minute Christmas errands. We stopped off at Larsens bakery for a special treat first :) I love these little moments when we get some one on one time with a grand-babe. There is something special they have with each one and I cherish these moments!

We headed downtown to eat at the Spaghetti Factory. This was it's closing night! It's a fun place with lots of character...and yummy spaghetti :)

Little did we know that a series of infectious diseases were ready to strike us all down. By Christmas Eve everyone was some sort of sick ranging between pretty sick to very sick. Many of the last minute festivities we had planned were just not able to happen and it ended up being a very cozy and homebound Christmas with jimmies, naps, movies, medicine and pulling off whatever we felt we could at the time. We ditched the fancy cookies for Santa and decided he might like a little change so we baked a cake right out of the box. We attempted some Christmas tree ornaments that didn't quite turn out and actually looked more like party hats so the elves started digging in on Santa's Christmas cake with their Christmas party hats :) Not what we had planned but pretty cute!!

Mike and Mom graciously held the boy babies back as long as they could on Christmas morning before surrendering and waking the rest of us to get started! Luca left celery for the reindeer and had to check that first :)

Bitsy was a little confused about her new baby doll stroller. She has no concept of pushing anyone in a stroller so naturally she thought (and still thinks) its a new stroller for her! O well, she has plenty of people ready and willing to push her around in it. She's used to being our little baby Dolli!!

It wasn't a healthy Christmas but it was a happy one. Not all the plans worked out but it ended up being just what we all needed. Just perfect. 

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