Saturday, December 31, 2016

Photo Dump 2016

Well the end of 2016 is here! It is New Year's Eve and tomorrow we will ring in a brand new year of who knows what :) I'm not making plans for 2017. I'm just going to see where life is, where it's taking us and focus on embracing each moment. There's nothing like raising 4 lovelies to make you realize how fast the years fly by even though some days never seem to end! We are ready to meet you 2017!!! On with the photo dump...

When the hubby comes home from playing football in the park expecting to come inside to shower. Um no. 

Helping Mommy get ready. She's always near! The only way to keep her happy and to get ready at the same time is to buckle her into something, put her beside me and give her endless amounts of food and toys to throw on the floor.

Baby Yoga
 Bitsy and Bubs bathtime!!!

 She loves the bath water. He hates it. Opposites attract :)
 She already knows how to get to him! (scooting up very close when he's playing with his cars and leaning on him...but not taking one!)
 Mighty Milo after his gingerbread house party at proud :)
Shameless selfies from this goofy guy. I love finding silly pics on my phone from the kids...just kids being themselves when they don't think anyone can see :)

 Reindeer games...
 Woodland animal cookie baking with friends on a cold late night...
 Decorating sweaters with Abby!

 Ugly sweater day at school on the last day before winter break  :)

 This girl. I love her. Everything about her sparkles. She constantly has glitter in her hair and she even finds a way to make her boring math homework fancy :) And she always finds a way to be super sweet! Favorite numbers: 9 bc its the day of her birthday, 2 bc she loves her 2 dogs, 80 bc the 80's were awesome (rock on), 9 bc it's the age of her best friend Abby, 1 bc thats the age her little brother was when he stuffed cake in his face, 15 bc that's the age she will be when she learns to drive (oh my), 6 bc that's the number of people in her family.

 Sweet letters from Luca. He worked on this for an hour. Such a lover boy.
 "To my family"...I melt
 reading all the nice things he wrote about us.
 lil snowman

 When baby won't play with toys and mommy needs to wrap...give her a bag of bows! Strategically placed on the coffee table so she feels like she's getting into something she's not supposed to have! As long as she thinks she's getting into something she shouldn't have she's content.

 Wearing Ella's Christmas dress to church but not feeling well enough for a picture :(

 Rosy cheeked Christmas baby

 Downtown Christmas playdate with Abby and Emma...

 tree on top of the needle!
 20 pictures of a stuffy Olli having a snack because even when she's sick she's SO DARN CUTE.

 Santa babies. Ella got a special visit to see Santa with Abby at Abby's Dad's work. These are the last pictures of Ella taken with Santa while she still believed. She had a lot of questions this year and we had the hard conversation :( She did not take it well at all. I know she was crushed...she's a deep feeler. I know there was a little dramatic flare mixed in as well because that is her style, but it chipped away at my soul a little bit. I love the magic and wonder in kids hearts at Christmastime and I'm sad that that part of it is over for her. Stay young a little longer baby Ella! And don't stop believing in anything...ever!

Sissy learned to ride the giraffe!

 Luca's Thanksgiving Program

 puppy sitting

That face! This one looks just like his Daddy. Sweet eyes, dimples for days, handsome handsome handsome!
throwback to the patch...
 foxy lady!

Late night craft-a-thon making a replica of Heather Locklear's veil from her wedding to Tommy Lee for my dear friend Becky...and the hunkiest model to help me out!

 What a fun year. What a beautiful life I am blessed to have. It just keeps getting better.
We are ready for you 2017!!!