Saturday, November 26, 2016


November has come and is almost gone! Of course we have started decorating for Christmas...
 Olli has had some bad hair days this month...
AND her first fat lip :(
 Ella and Luca have fought more than ever but still have their sweet moments...especially when he does exactly what he wants her to do which in this case was a wardrobe swap!
 Milo is getting ready to turn 3 and start preschool!! He is going 90 to nothing all day long. Even walking to school to get kiddos, he runs the entire way with his dump truck :)
 Mike and I got to go to the Seahawks game with the Skeels! That guy in the back was just a rockstar photo bomber haha.

 We had awesome club seating and were sooooo close!!
 We also celebrated Thanksgiving. Our intent was to go home but with all this year has had to offer, it didn't get to happen. We hope for next year though! We spent this day in a very special way with our dear Wilsons. It was a Realson Framily Thanksgiving!!! We stayed the night in their Air B&B and partied all day and night!

 Arts and crafts in the loft!

Today we are finishing our Christmas decorations and are being so completely lazy. Festive, but lazy :) 

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