Saturday, November 26, 2016


November has come and is almost gone! Of course we have started decorating for Christmas...
 Olli has had some bad hair days this month...
AND her first fat lip :(
 Ella and Luca have fought more than ever but still have their sweet moments...especially when he does exactly what he wants her to do which in this case was a wardrobe swap!
 Milo is getting ready to turn 3 and start preschool!! He is going 90 to nothing all day long. Even walking to school to get kiddos, he runs the entire way with his dump truck :)
 Mike and I got to go to the Seahawks game with the Skeels! That guy in the back was just a rockstar photo bomber haha.

 We had awesome club seating and were sooooo close!!
 We also celebrated Thanksgiving. Our intent was to go home but with all this year has had to offer, it didn't get to happen. We hope for next year though! We spent this day in a very special way with our dear Wilsons. It was a Realson Framily Thanksgiving!!! We stayed the night in their Air B&B and partied all day and night!

 Arts and crafts in the loft!

Today we are finishing our Christmas decorations and are being so completely lazy. Festive, but lazy :) 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween Hangover

Well, October is a wrap. The girls birthdays, fall carnival, halloween, pumpkin patch and all other things fall. 

 Mike took a trip this fall for his doctorate which means I survived 9 days alone as a single mom. No joke! This was one of my successful mornings when I made it with 3 of the littles to the Pancake House for breakfast! I quickly realized that it may not have been the best idea but they were gracious :)
Staying home alone with little is no joke...especially since the 4th one who used to just sit in one place can now get everywhere and is VERY curious about the world!
 We spent a lot of time watching Peppa Pig which was also a good time to introduce his halloween costume! Peppa has a little pet dinosaur that he gets very excited about it :)
 Ella spent a lot of time with Abby. She saved her from the hubbub at home :) What a good friend! Those crazy girls have so much fun together.
 Of course with Daddy gone, that means that Olli has to get sick for the first time :( Poor baby girl got a staph infection at the injection site from her one year shots and mean blistery ear infection.
 Poor baby girl :(
 Luca had a lot of fun too. Check out my skydiving pro! This was his first time and he rocked it!

 And for every day I missed Mike, I got to be reminded of him with 43 books in the mail every. single. day :) This doctoral biz is no joke.
 When Daddy got back, life resumed as normal. Luca had a fun friend named Ben over after school...

 Mommy needed a night out! Becky and I had a fantastic night out which somehow ended up including 3 different restaurants between shopping!

 Sweet sissy likes to bite the spoon when she's done eating and she thinks its sooooo funny!
 On Friday, Nana B made it into Seattle to celebrate Halloween and all things fall with us! It's always been our thing so it was very special. First stop, the Whittier fall carnival!

 Luca found his teacher, Ms. Newton!
 On Saturday we made our traditional visit to the pumpkin patch. We hit up Remlinger Farms this year! It was a new one and it did not disappoint!

 Much to our shock and amazement...Milo was into the rides! He even did the big rollercoaster! He was so brave to try. He was scared at first but then loved every single one and wanted to ride over and over and over. He drew a hard line in the sand at ponies though. There was NO WAY he was going to go anywhere near that cute little mini-horse he could have ridden.

 Ella: "Mom, take a picture of me. I look like a country girl in one of those movies with boots, denim and overalls standing over a fence". Oh Ella:) I'm pretty sure every moment of her life is played out like a movie scene in her mind!

 After the other kids had moved on, Luca decided to ride over and over and over all by himself until we made him get off!

 Olli walked the ENTIRE PARK. She aimed for ALL puddles and much to my dismay was super into the mud. I tried my hardest to keep her on the clear path but she's a quick one! She screamed the moment we pick her feet up off the ground and didn't stop until they hit the pavement again. Who knows how far she walked!

 Milo's new obsession is busses and we found a bus. I'm really hoping his bus obsession serves him well when I put him on one at the end of November when it's time to start preschool!!!

 Not on camera (thank goodness)...Mommy flipping back into the hay pit trying to help Milo in :)

 The only pic we got of all of us!
 That Sunday was Olli's dedication. We were so happy that Nana B was here for that! She was a total ham on stage :)

 Sunday after church we carved pumpkins. The kids did them all by themselves! Luca drew his traditional pumpkin face and Ella had a heart eye emoji, the letter E, a pumpkin tattoo and of course, the poop emoji.
 On Monday, Halloween was finally here!!! Ella was a movie star, Luca was a red power ranger, my fierce Mighty Milo was a dinosaur and sweet Olli was cotton candy. I have 1 picture of the older kids because they were out and about all night and a ton of Olli because this was her first year to dress up!
 Come on you guys...


 Olli on the go. Can't stop won't stop.

 That's her strong arm in the back when she thinks someone is going to pick her up :)

 The fancy hand :)

 Where's my candy?

 And of course I can't leave out Pippa and Puddles, or Princess Leia and Ewok from the new Pawwars  haha

 And then it was off to bed! There is no crazier week than when Halloween falls on a Monday ya'll.

 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!