Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Olli Girl

 This lil punkin turned ONE last week!!!

 One year ago we were all...

And then one short year later we were...
 We had a big family party this summer so on the actual day of her birth we just had some friends over for dinner. I made a few nice fall soups, we sang and ate cake. It was super sweet just like her ;)
 smash cake!

 Whe had Olli's Lollies and a few more special things from her party.
 She didn't get cake at her party because she was only 8 months old! But today...she ate cake :)

 And just like the rest of the kids, she got a pedal car from her Nana B and Papa Bo!
Proud big brother!

 She didn't take her afternoon nap and I knew she wouldn't last long so as soon as she showed interest in her presents we went for it!

 Ella had her own gift for her and it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever. She wrote Olli a letter when she was born and saved it to give it to her on her first birthday. She put it in her special box where she keeps Olli's ultrasound picture and gave it to her. She also bought them BFF necklaces months back that was supposed to be a part of it but couldn't find them :) I think it's just the sweetest that she's been preparing for her first birthday for an entire year now...little mama :)

 Olli got her very own Mooshka doll! She is pretty obsessed with Ella's :)
 Olli is a huge eater so I thought for sure she would devour cake!!! But nope. She was a total lady about it.

 Clearly not understanding what all the hype is about.

 Then Daddy pushed her face in it.
 That did not go over well with her.

 Then she just kind of sat there hands off so we wrapped up the cake portion of the evening haha.
 We cleaned her up and tucked our little one year old in. Sweet dreams Ollipop.
We took her in for her one year well check. He doctor calls her sunshine and I totally agree :) She was wild active and excited about Dr. Hall and all went well until they came in with 5 shots :( Bitsy measured up (or down?) in the 17th percentile for height and 22 pounds which is 85th for weight! So she's basically a cube. Just as tall as she is wide :)
She's not just walking. She's walking fast. She's in a dead sprint to become as mobile as possible. She's a climber, loves to hang upside down, stretch her legs over her head and probably laps 5 miles a day walking from wall to wall in our house :)

 I'M ONE!!!
 Never still. Ever.

 On Sunday we went to church. It was Ella's birthday! Ella chose their birthday dinner and she wanted Chinese so we got gussied up and took ourselves to the land of green jello (the only reason she like's that place), Super China Buffet haha.

 Look at that belly ya'll!!!
 And that is supposed to be a little tutu but it's basically an ankle length skirt hehe

 Every pic is a blur because she's so fast!

 It was a super fun week celebrating our girls!

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