Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Well we are back to school and full force into the fall fun and festivities. It is already October which means that we will be spending the week celebrating our girls!!! Olli turns ONE on Thursday and Ella turns NINE on Sunday!!! Time is flying. Let's back up a month or so...

Olli is growing like a weed. She is the ultimate mama's girl. She's getting so perfectly round and chubby!

She is curious about ev-er-y-thing. I can't keep her out of toilets or the dog bowl. She is fast and furious. When she wants something...watch out! She moves at lightening speed. And just like her big sissy, she is always on the go and ready for the next step. She was born two weeks early and has been early to every party since...cutting teeth, walking, eating, crawling, alllll those milestones.

Here is our big girl at 11 months!!!

Emma (Abby's little sis) is in Luca's class this year and they have become quite the pair! They are even reading buddies! I got to volunteer in class last week during reading time and it was a hoot. This explains it all...

Carnival fun!

And life just keeps getting busier so Mike and I made it a point to head out for a lunch date. There are still so many places to eat that we haven't gotten to try! This one is a gem.

We didn't get a pic together but we did get one of the tiny tag alongs!
And now as we are into fall, the days become shorter and they skies turn gray. One of my favorite people, also the queen of care packages, sent a little surprise box my way for the kiddos. My best friends in the world span multiple states. This little ray of sunshine arrived on the perfect day!
Last week, Ella and Luca summoned the fairies. The letter went a little something like this...
"Dear tooth fairy, I haven't seen you in quite a while. Do you ever plan on coming back? Do you need teeth for just a simple visit? I hope to see you soon. Respectfully- Ella & Luca
Then they put a tea set outside with cheerios and they lace the fence with glo-sticks to entice her. What was a mama to do? 
 So naturally, I went on a glitter hunt in my house, found tons of it because...Ella. Sprinkled it all over the ground while Mike ate the cheerios.
I'm wondering when I should tell them the truth...I'm leaning towards never :)
 Other than that, we've been wearing lots of top knots, keeping  busy with Ella's cheer schedule, spending time with friends and LOTS of take out of :)

 husband of the year...

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