Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ella Girl

This baby...
 THIS baby...
 Our first love...

 Our surprising blonde hair blue eyed girl...
 Our Ella Bella...

 The one who made us parents!

 Well, she turned NINE last week. OMG.

We used to spend afternoons on the porch swing while Mommy relaxed from the work day and obsessively took photos of every moment.

Now we spend afternoons on playdates or doing homework, talking, cheer practice and doing big girl things with a few pics snuck in here and there. She's growing up! 

When I look at her in these pics I see exactly who she is today. Fun, animated and always ready to have a good time! She's basically magical :)
 Ella Bella wanted a big sleepover. When talking about a theme, in true Ella form she gave me about 20...emojis, unicorns, magic, glitter, selfies...bascially all things girl. This girl dreams big! I love it. So this was kind of my party planning dream and I may have gotten a little carried away, haha, but my girl loved it :)

Sleepover mad-libs and birthday girl question game :)
Party favor jars complete with sleeping masks, buff keychains, emoji pez dispensers and rainbow pens for mad their mad-libs!

Her birthday girl sash...per her request :)

 Photo booth!!!
Photo props...

 She wanted a puppy like the famous dog (baby boo) sooooo, I found the stuffed version of him :) She had a special nightgown with a birthday party sleepover checklist on the front and a place for her friends to sign on the back!
 And last but not least, a sleepover survival kit for the little brothers :)
 When the girls got home we had after school snacks and then decorated pillow cases!


 Then the girls went to play around downstairs and get their party on!

Polaroid picture with #glampfest :) 
I really wanted to go down to have fun with the girls but Mike made me give them some space! So...I just made a few appearances while they played and I partied with the boys (+Olli) upstairs :)
The girls played, ate some more and finished their pillowcases...

 Then we went outside to send off our Chinese lanterns! Each girl got one and they made a birthday wish for Ella. We helped them light them and then sent her birthday wishes up to the sky!

We took the party to the church basement for some pizza and karaoke!!

 I made a mental not to not get these girls a hotel room any time soon haha! They trashed it!!!

Rocking out with Sylvia to Purple Rain :)

 Present time!

 Skyping with Nana B and Papa Bo while she opened their gift!
 Happy birthday dear Ella, happy birthday to you!!!!

 After cake, the girls did nails and talked and had girl time.

 We wrapped up the evening with a movie. Of all the movies to watch, they chose Labyrinth! This was actually a full circle moment for Mike and I. The reason I own Labyrinth is because he forgot about MOTHERS DAY. Not just any mothers day. My first mothers day with Ella. He tried to play it off and ran to the store in a panic and grabbed whatever he saw first...which is how I ended up with chapstick, candy and Labyrinth for my first mothers day. It didn't go over well ;)
 These girls FINALLY went to sleep around 2 and we were up around 5:30! We gave Ella her present from us that morning...her first phone!!
 Mama's birthday girls.
 I sent bejeweled cupcakes to school on Monday and then our baby girl was officially 9!!!