Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back to school 2016

Seattle kids have finally joined the rest of the world and have gone back to school, fall is in the air, football has started, life is good!

Bitsy turned 11 months last week (pics to come!). She CAN walk but is not a patient woman so crawls when she needs to get somewhere fast. 
 She's growing chubbier, but not much taller! She may be a shorty like her mama.
 Ella is maturing so much. She's always been a funny and witty girl but she has just cracked me up lately. Her and her best friend Abby are not in the same class for the first time and they are devastated. Abby came over for a sleepover and they had been talking about their situation which they describe as the worst thing thats EVER happened to them in their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE...all 8 years. So, they came upstairs and said they had stressed themselves out about it and they needed a bubble bath :) Ella has also requested to let her earring holes grow in because she just has too many responsibilities on her plate right now...3rd grade is going to be fun! I can't imagine what I'm going to here when she's 13. Should I be worried? I guess we shall see. Here she is all confident and ready to rock the first day! When she grows up she wants to be a famous actress, singer and baker :)


When Luca grows up he wants to be a builder! He said the sweetest little thing the other day. This boy has a tremendous heart. We passed a mom sitting with her two daughters on the side of the interstate and homeless. He said he wishes he could be a builder right now so he could build them a house. All I know is whatever he does, he's going to do it with a lot of love. 
 Abby! I found you! They made a special meeting spot on the playground to find each other during recess. Ella gave her first day a 9 out of 10. She said she couldn't give it a 10 because they have assigned seats at lunch and have to sit with their own class this year and they were banking on being able to have lunch together!
 Friends! At least Abby's little sister Emma is in class with Luca. Such cuties.

When we went to get school supplies, we also got a little beginning of the year gift for the teacher...or at least Ella did. He was adamant that he DID NOT want to give his teacher a gift. Turns out, he was feeling a little shy about it and I guess didn't want to have to face her until he absolutely had too. Ha! I bought a pumpkin spice candle anyway and I'm hoping he feels comfortable enough to give it to her next week :)

 Ella, although appearing the most confident, was feeling very nervous and a little insecure. It was so hard to leave her this time.

He sat down and I asked him how he was feeling because he was pretty quiet. He said, "I'm ok I just feel a little shy". 
But he's already made some sweet friends! One of which went to Little Feats Preschool with him!
 Milo also started back at Boyer after their short little summer break! He only has a couple more months there and then he will start preschool through the school district at Greenwood Elementary!
 That's the only face he would allow me to take a picture of :)
 When I went to pick the kids up, they were insanely happy. If you can't tell, they survived their first day without each other. They didn't like it, but they were just fine!
 This monkey basically just used his arms to pull himself up with his upper body strength. He's a beast.
 My favorite memory from the first day was this right here.
 These two have fought more the past few weeks than they have their entire siblinghood. Just a few hours away from each other and not only were they happy to see each other...they HELD HANDS on the way home. Even riding a unicycle. It was a beautiful moment and I was happy to see their love for each other come to the surface again!
 Olli Mae had a good first day. She doesn't go anywhere, but I did pull out a first day of school outfit for her too! It's the one I had for Ella for my first day of school when she was a baby and I was still teaching!
 The Realson Framily got together on Thursday night to celebrate this guy...
 We dined at Matts at The Market and had the very best view. This would be Becky making fun of me before the pic because I guess I primp a lot! Ella comes by it honestly :)
 We walked down to see the new gum wall since they cleaned off the old one. Still as gummy as ever!
 And I leave you with this guy who came in the room after looking at himself in the mirror and his exact words were, "I'm liking this!" Such a handsome buddy boo!

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