Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ollipop's Sweet Shoppe

While we were in Arkansas, we had an early birthday celebration for Olli! It was too late to be her half birthday and so we just partied a little early as she approaches the big 1. First birthdays are special and no matter what, we had to celebrate her with family! The day was sweet. Literally. Since we lovingly call her Ollipop, she of course had to have lollipops and all kinds of goodies in her Sweet Shoppe!

Ollipop's Sweet Shoppe!

Her little ribbon banner with a photo from each month 1-8!

Her tutu was full of pom moms and a mylar one. Her shirt had a lollipop with a one and she was decked out in lilli's all the way down to her socks :)

Sorry (not really) but I just think every face is the cutest face :)

Poor Mimi got the lollies and the decor mixed up. She was super excited about this cupcake sucker haha!

We celebrated Olli on the actual day of Nana B's birthday...so we came out with a cake and sang to both of them!!!

Birthday girls!

And of course she loved the paper the most!

These two crazy uncles getting in on the toy action and calling, "Here Olli! Here Olli!" reminded me a little bit of them at my first birthday :)

You have a lot of people who love you baby girl!!!

And I think this is what you call the sugar crash. Ha!
It was a lovely day surrounded by all of our family together and getting to celebrate our little Ollipop.  It was kind of nice that she wasn't actually turning one because I really enjoyed the day and didn't cry one bit! I also think looking back on this special day when she does turn one will only bring me joy. I'm so thankful for our sweet girl, our families and this trip home to Arkansas. 

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