Monday, August 8, 2016

Luca's SSSSSixth Birthday!

Luca baby pic

Luca's birthday was on a Friday this year. In spite of our greatest efforts, he just didn't understand why he didn't have a big party that day! When he asked when the celebration would begin, Amy and I rushed off to the store and did not disappoint! A life size power ranger came knocking at the door and a fancy cake for our family celebration that night! 
Of course we went ahead and gave him his gift. We gave it to him the night before so he didn't walk in our room at 4 am asking for his present. This guy spotted this truck in Arkansas and he's begged for it every day since! He's asked daddy to go to work longer every day to make more money and has cried every time a box came in the mail that a truck wouldn't fit in :( He's never wanted anything as much as he's wanted this. His dreams came true. He was beside himself! We've probably walked around the block 100 times since this :)

During the day, we took off to Golden Gardens to have some fun!
birthday boy!
We were so lucky this year for Amy and Hersson to be visiting us on Luca's birthday. It was so special to be able to celebrate with them. They are two of Ella and Luca's favorites and we've had many a parties together. This was icing on the cake!

Happy birthday written in the sand :)
That evening we went to West Seattle to celebrate Luca with our Wilsons and to introduce 4 of our favorite people to each other! It feels so good when we get to merge our different worlds together :)

Luca's birthday dinner of choice was chicken on the bone (rotisserie), a bowl of fruit and broccoli. This kid is easy to please!

We sang happy birthday, ate cake and opened a few more presents!

To cap off the evening, we walked down to the beach and watched the sun set with our big 6 year old playing in the water right in front.

God has brought us all so far in 6 years and we are forever grateful for our adventures with Luca Bo.

Luca had one request and one request only for his birthday partythis year. Luca wanted the Reptile Man!!! That is an actual guy around here that has lots of reptiles for show. I mean, LOTS. Boatloads of creepy crawlers. So I summoned my inner boy mom powers and and hired a guy to bring my worst nightmare into my backyard :) I earned another boy mom badge and Luca was one happy boy which made my heart smile and arms open to do the unthinkable...hold a snake. I love having a baby boy and getting to experience the adventures that come with them. Anything for my boy!

This little big guy enjoyed the kale from our garden!!

I channeled my inner Britney Spears for this one ;)

I made her do it and I look very proud :)

That night as we were tucking our birthday boy in bed, He all the sudden looked like a 6 year old to me.
It doesn't matter how big he gets or how old he looks, I still see this when I look at him...

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