Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More party pics + August

I had a few more party pics of Luca trickle in. It was obviously fun but looking back I know it was one of those memorable moments for my guy which means a happy heart for mama. Such a sweet adventurous boy!
 Happy birthday dear Luca, happy birthday to you! His wish of a big black truck had already came true so I'm pretty sure he probably wished for his own pet snacke :)

The presents kept trickling in too! His friend Izze got him this rad trucker hat and Auntie Ann got him a black leather jacket and sunglasses...and this is what he has worn every day since!
Olli turned 10 months this month too! This month she started standing up by herself, she cut 4 teeth at the same time (yikes!), she says mamamama ALL the time and will eat anything and everything we put in front of her. She is and I'm sure will always be everyones baby doll. Our own little dolli :) Her 4 sudden top teeth of course changed the shape of her  mouth but it was so quick that it was so noticeable...she just keeps getting cuter!

 so. much. hair.

 Dimples. Love them. Here's my Mighty Milo! Right by Mommy which is where you can usually find him nowadays if he's not riding around in big bro's new truck :)

August is flying by and we are enjoying the last few lazy days of summer before we start 3rd grade, 1st grade and pre-school!
Playdate fun with the girls...

Olli has this little "fancy hand" as I like to call it and something about that fancy hand with the puppy face melted me!

Luca decided he wanted to try out football so he went to football camp for a week. Although FAST...he's a little young and wasn't ready for the work and competition. This Ballard Knights team is pretty fierce and older boys play with the younger boys...we were expecting kwanis kids day haha. Maybe next year!

I thought it was worth documenting our Costco trips. This is twice a month too! So many groceries they have to close the line. Feeding 4 is NO JOKE!

I always giggle when I find these little snapchat gems on my phone :)

One of the BEST parts of August is that our best Framily from Texas came to visit us!!! This was our first time meeting their daughter...the baby we prayed for for years. It was also their first time to see Mike and I with 4 and we hope they want to have more kids :) We tried not to scare them!

Love this store...

Milo's first time to brave the fountain!!!

Oh hey Blue Angels!

Amy and Hersson's sister Alex was also visiting in Seattle...Alex introduced us to her friend from Texas that lives here in Seattle now. It's a small world after all! We were fast friends and there is definitely going to be some Bachelor watching in the near future :)
Olli and Livi...long distance besties!
Auntie Alex, baby Livi and bestie Amber all in the Vans club!