Friday, July 15, 2016

Wrapping up our southern summer...

Well, we are back at home and our summer in the south is over. We just got home yesterday and it feels great to be back in Seattle. We are never ever ready to say goodbye to family or our home base, but Seattle has become our home too and it felt really good to come back which is a good thing! Our last weeks in Arkansas were split between Springdale and Van Buren. I also got to sneak in a little trip with my bestie, Anne. It was the perfect way to top off the trip to one of our most favorite places! Looking back to the fourth...
 Between Nana B and I we had some serious swag.
 We spent the day with my whole fam at Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynn's new home. We grilled out and it was relish!

 The newlyweds had just returned home to join us!

 Kendra, Olli and baby Ellie spent some good time together :)

 Ella=Morgan's mini me
I love this because Morgan was my mini me when she was little. And now history repeats itself :) Not only is Ella obsessed with Morgan, they also are eerily similar as kids and even starting to look alike now. This is Ella, not Morgan! (a snapchated version at least) Weird...

 And with Aunt DeLynn, Milo FINALLY learned and loved to jump in the water! He hasn't trusted anyone else well enough to take the plunge! 1, 2, 3, jump!

 Olli and love :)
 sidewalk spray dollar bin does it again!

 After our celebration there, we went back to Nana B and Papa Bo's house to put the babes down and party on! First up, water balloons...the kind that you hook up to a water hose and fill up multiple water balloons at once. Best invention EVER.
 Glow in the dark balloons and bubbles!

When Mike took a week long work trip to Kentucky, I left the big kids with B and Bo and Milo with Mimi and Pops for some one on one time and I set sail to Little Rock to spend time with my bestie Anne. Betty and Ethel were back at it again and picked right back up where they left off...napping, lounging and more sleeping. I think when they are a few years older we could go ahead and teach them how to knit :)

girl talk

strike a pose there's nothing to it. vogue :)

Anne and I took a barre method class and it was SO HARD. I loved it though. I can run 6 miles which is decent I think and this is harder than that!
Milo was having a grand time with his Mimi and Pops :)

Ella and Luca were having fun spending some more one on one time with Nana B and Papa Bo. There is a lot of competition these days with four so they really enjoyed this time. They went to the Amazeum with Nana B and Aunt DeLynn. They went on a movie date with Nana B to see BFG. They  went to Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynns again to swim and Morgan and Josh got to join!

Anne and I were able to sneak away to dinner one night ALONE. Miracles do happen!
After we all got back, Mike and I snuck away for a date to celebrate our 10th anniversary and started planning the last week of our trip in Van Buren which included swimming, eating our weight in garden fresh tomatoes, watermelon and fried everything, tan and play cards :)
Luca found another little froggy friend...and Ribbit was his name-o!
Milo didn't understand why he couldn't throw the turtle like a ball when it was in his shell so we let his go...but Ella found another! She named him Taco De Turtle :) We've had all kinds of wild pets this trip! Unfortunately, Luca got distracted and the turtle ran away. Yes, that's hard to do with a turtle! Only our Luca boy could lose a turtle :) But it was fun while it lasted.
Mimi and Ella doing hair...
my turn!
Our new furry nephew, Copper :)
Uncle David, Aunt Tesha, Jonah and Sophie drove down one more time to sneak in another day together. It was such a great day with siblings and cousins. Sophie took a liking to our newest fur baby, Puddles :)

It thundered and rained so hard that day. Such a fun memory of these babies of ours dancing in the rain. This was after I taped their music video in the back of Pops' truck.

We got dogs groomed and everything else that costs 3x as much in Seattle. Puddles looks like a little baby bear!

Stocking up again on the best home grown tomatoes. Oh man. I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
By this time, poor Pops had had so much fun he couldn't take it anymore!
And this because there's nothing more attractive than a hunky hubby spooning with your Pomeranian !!! I also just realized I have lots of pics of people sleeping. Kinda creepy haha!
 The day came when it was time to travel home...both parents, 4 kids and two dogs! We were definitely the crazy bunch but overall it went pretty smooth. The first breath of cool, crisp air with zero humidity when we stepped off the plane was sooooo nice.
 After 2 months, it might be more fitting to say I "moved" back to Seattle...but either way I'm happy to be home. Hello beautiful city!!!
 We all have resumed our normal activities. Ella is dressing up and pretending to be in movie scenes all day long. Luca and Milo are either playing joyfully outside or fighting over toys inside. Olli is here and still just happy. Daddy is back to work and Mommy is getting us all settled back in.

 And this...

All day every day for the rest of the summer!

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