Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Parties in Arkansas

The fun continues on our summer in Arkansas! Nana B planned a summer party for the kids with fun summer treats, activities and projects for the day!
his and hers

rainbow marshmallows!

Butterfly snacks!

Rainbow cake!

Rainbow spaghetti!
I forget why this upset him but rainbow volcanoes!

So many kids and only one Nana B!
snap girl!

And then it was FINALLY time for Mimi camp! This years theme was Lego Cousins...

Wyatt and Luca were big buddies!
The big kids at their favorite place...Parrot Island!
The kids talk about Mimi camp all year long from the time its over until the first day the next year. I love that they get this special time to make memories together.

And while the big kids are away, the moms and dads will play!
sibling sleepover selfie!
After Mimi Camp, the moms and dads made their way back to Van Buren to rescue Mimi and Pops meet up with everyone. We all spent the night together...all 17 of us in one house! It was the first time in a while that everyone was here at the same time and it was so fun. We were able to get family photos taken which was the first time since Jonah and the girls were born (see next post).

LOTS of swim time...

We've had many pets on this trip...first the turtle, then Jumpy the frog that was found on the trampoline...

Our very own cousin Eddy!!!
and lots of memories made. 
Jumpy didn't make it through Luca's fierce loving...but don't worry he found another! His new pet frog, Ribbit!
We were also here to make our niece Sophie's birthday! She had a puppy party this year :) Cousin Kenzie was like another mama to Olli basically took care of her the whole time we were together!

Happy birthday Sophie!

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