Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer in AR pt 2

While I was still in Arkansas without the other half of my people, I got this email of a picture of Ella working away during her final days of second grade. I was SO READY to see Mike and my big kids!
Meanwhile back in Arkansas, the babies and I were off to Mimi and Pop's house in Van Buren. Milo immediately turned into a little country boy and spent his days naked in the back yard all day every day watching cows, playing with his new pet turtle and eating all meals and snacks out of the back of his dump truck...

And OF COURSE with the blankey too :)

Miss Mae also go acquainted with the great outdoors :)
We spent most of our first days letting the kids run wild and free with snuggles in between...
Mimi and I took the babies to a swim park on one hot and sweltering day. This was a first for Olli and she LOVED it! This was Milo's first time swimming since last year and he has decided that swimming is fun too! 

Olli's first swim suit. I just can't help myself.

We started out in the kiddie pool and before we knew it, Milo was taking us over to the wading pool!

The joy though...

He drew a hard line at the splash pad but maybe next year!

Soon after got here, Olli turned 8 months!

When we left Seattle, Olli wasn't even sitting up. When we got here, she couldn't even see over the top of her high chair tray at 8 months! Bless it.

In the first month of our trip, she started sitting up, crawling, added quite few rolls everywhere AND grew a little taller!!!

Loving her Pops...
And it was all fun and games until Olli ended up with hand, foot, mouth disease :( 
Once she got better we were off to the pool again! And of course, this called for another swimsuit edition photo opp!

I got these pics sent to me of Ella and her bestie Abby from Autumn and I was soooo thankful that Ella has this friend and her family to love her and help Mike out when I'm not there! Ella wasn't thrilled about living with all boys for a while so this girl time was just what she needed :)

I also got these pics of my handsome hubby and was missing my man!

Olli and Mimi. Pretty girls!

Mommy and Mimi got out to take the kids to ride the train in Fort Smith...the train wasn't running that day but we had fun at the park!
Olli's first time to swing :)

He loves me, he loves me not :)
We made our way back to Springdale to pick up Mike and the kids and get ready for the early birthday and wedding festivities to come!
First thing on the agenda when Ella and Luca got here was to RIDE THE TRACTOR!
Mom and I spent many days on the patio and it was lovely! We enjoyed ourselves so much that time flew by Bitsy woke up from her nap and we didn't know! Poor baby!
Milo channeling his inner puppy. I've added that to the list of possibilities for Halloween costumes!

Modeling birthday outfits from her early party!
They also couldn't wait to see their cousins so the next day we headed off to Aunt Tesha and Uncle David's house!

Before all the festivities began, I snuck over to Granny and Grandpas to hang one more time and made sure to get to lunch with Kimberly. The Ernie to my Bert! It doesn't matter how long we are here, there never seems to be enough time for it all.
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name! 

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