Friday, July 22, 2016

Patios, Cookouts and Sunshine

This summer is going to fly by, I can already tell! It's good to be home and our goal this summer is to lay low and spend a lot of quality time together before the next school year. I can't believe I'm going to have a 3rd grader, a 1st grader, and a pre-schooler!!! For now, our days look a lot like this...

Too much fun for this one :)

mmmm, grass!

 We got wild and crazy one morning and cleaned out our old books to donate to one of the many little free libraries in our neighborhood. On our community page, a mom reached out because this was her daughters service project for school and a once booming library had pittled out and she was sad :( I gathered the troops and we took 4 different forms of transportation to save the day which is why 2 blocks took us about 2 hours haha. The kids got a new book from it too and the weather was beautiful!

 Those little flinstone feet were going 90 to nothing but even so, he maintained a snail's pace. The turtle that Luca lost could have beat us!

 In other July news, Bitsy turned 9 months!!! This girl is everything. Can't imagine this life without her. I don't think it's any coincidence that many people who don't know her call her a little ray of sunshine when she flashes her gummy grin at them :) She gives off a very joyful vibe.
She's upped her eating game big time. We now are off baby food and completely on solids! She is an EATER!
 She doesn't even want me to feed her anymore so every mealtime ends up looking like this :O

 She's a mama's girl. She's very social and super sensitive. She loves to sleep when she's not cutting 4 teeth at once. She's pulling up and trying to let go. I think she's going to be like her big sis and always take the next steps with full force and then ask what's next. I'm almost confident she will walk before 1 which will make her our earliest walker!

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