Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Wedding

While we were in Arkansas, we celebrated the long awaited marriage of my little cousin Morgan and the best guy ever, Josh. It was such a special and beautiful day. All my little people were ring bearers and flower girls. Olli and Milo where honorary of course because neither one of them could (Olli) or would (Milo) make it down the aisle. My mama and Aunt Kim coordinated the wedding so on the day of the wedding I helped them finish up the decor. I kept my babies rested and calm to prepare for the party. I spent time with my the beautiful bride, her beautiful friends and my beautiful daughter in the bridal suite. This chapel was seriously gorgeous. Everything about this wedding was to die for. Ella was so proud and considered herself one of the big girls. They took her in and she was beaming. Josh is Luca's favorite person so we prepped him that he would probably want to hang out with Morgan the most that day :) The day was unforgettable. Such a sweet time with family. We all lost a few pounds that night because, well, it was hot! It didn't stop any of us though! From nails to rehearsal to bridal luncheon to rehearsal dinner to to wedding to was an event to remember with so many precious moments. 
Side note: Morgan was my junior bridesmaid and Ella was her flower girl so Ella is banking on one of Morgan's kids being in her wedding ;)

It's important to know how to be silly.

Lil Mae trying her best to get ahold of that dingle hopper ;)

My lady queens...

"Hey Milo, can I take a picture?" I still think it's adorable :)

Ella wanted her own "first look" as well...just like a little bride :)

Go Hogs!