Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer in Arkansas 2016: Part One

It wasn't the smoothest trip we've ever taken but we did make it! There's nothing quite like a hysterical mom with two tinies in the middle of the night stranded and sent to a gross hotel in a scary part of town. It took a few days to recuperate but we are happy to be here!
We made it just in time to celebrate my cousin Jared's high school graduation! It was a fun family day for sure topped off with some wedding planning details for Morgan!

The beauteous bride to be!!!

From there, Milo went home with his B and Olli and I took off for a long overdue trip to OKC to spend some QT with my BFF!

We reverted back to our middle school selves and totally forgot that we were adults for 4 glorious days. We stayed in pjs, vegged, wined, caught up on shows, talked, stayed in bed, snap chatted, watched make up tutorials and just forgot about the cares of the world! We laughed non stop. I love this girl. I've spent more of my life with her than without!

After OKC I finally made it to home sweet Arkansas!
I missed my mighty man. Mom and I are wondering what to do when Luca gets here because he has determined that this is his bed. MY BED he says!
This boy and his cars. We left his beloved hotwheels at home so I took him to Target to buy a car. Well. That backfired. He saw this ginormous red white and blue dump truck and said, "MY CAR!" I mean...I did say I would buy him a car and he knew exactly what that meant. There was no way he was leaving without that dump truck and he hasn't parted with it since!
On Saturday, mom and I set off to walk the Lake Fayetteville trail! It is so beautiful that I decided to run it the next Saturday! I hadn't been on the trail since it had been paved, but every inch was familiar. Whether it was the aquatic center (my favorite field trip!), fishing spots, frisbee golf, parks or just the smell of the trees...everything is familiar, memories come flooding back and it's just nice to know exactly where I am and feel truly at home .

Beauteous Bitsy and B!
On Sunday we went to a new local winery called Sassafras Vineyards, to see more of our people!

Little baby nice to meet you!

Milo loved the music...

Helping sissy out with her bow...
I've been sleeping in the same room as Milo and as it turns out, he's a super wild sleeper! He's all over the place and is a TALKER! Last night he kept saying mine mine mine, my car, no my!!
We visited Granny and Grandpa this week, played outside and went to see Aunt Tesha, Jonah and Sophie and Miss Olli is trying her hardest to crawl!

 Sophie was mad me because every time I come to Arkansas I don't have Ella haha. I promised her that she will be here SOON!!!

I'm off to Van Buren today for a couple weeks and then it will be time for the rest of our people to get here!!!