Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Olli and Ella...opposite builds, opposite eye color, opposite hair color...but DEFINITELY sissys!!!

 I love dressing Olli in Ella's clothes. It takes me back and reminds me that Olli is still little but it goes by FAST!

 I had to take a pic of our big middle man in his new pjs. He fell in love with these and wasn't leaving the store without them :) He's so proud!
And last I leave you with funny snapchat videos, the sweetest raspy baby giggle and a few rowdy boys!

Friday, May 13, 2016

So long! Farewell!

The bitty babies and I leave for Arkansas in less than a week! This week I'll be soaking in all the time I can with my big kids and hubby. It will be hard to be away from half of my people for so long but I'm so excited to have some family time! Ella, Luca and Mike will meet us there in June for our summer in the south vaca. Can't wait to be home. 

 Meanwhile, Bitsy turned 7 months old! She can sit up but usually nose dives right to her feet. She's eating all kinds of baby food. She's a champ! Much like Ella, she's always ready for the next step. Our girls are go getters :) She's plumping up and crawl/scooting backwards. Although she'll always be my itty olli...I'm realizing that she won't be a bitty baby for forever. I don't know why I can get it through my head 4 kids into this that they ALL just keep growing!

I captured this tender moment between these two. Ella has always had a soft spot for Milo. He really has always taken to her as well. I was reading to him one morning before school and sweet sissy asked if she could take my place. She's so proud of him all the time! Even when he's being a turkey!
 Hanging out at school with Mommy and Milo!
 Ella has been taking a zumba class this semester! She LOVES it. This was their last class for the semester! They all got matching tanks that say, "I will Zumba with you for like ever".
 And last but not least, mama got glasses. I've side swiped a few cars...oops! My eyes changed with each baby but after Olli it wasn't as easy to pass off. SO, I had my eyes checked and now have a reason other than pregnancy brain for my many driving faux pas over the last year! Game changer!

Monday, May 9, 2016



Olli has been eating and sleeping a lot...

Which means she's growing!!!


Ella has been spending lots of time with her "Abbradoodle" :-) These girls are attached at the hip.
Zumba and Red Robin!
 And I've been trying to spend some good one on one time with my bigs before I leave for Arkansas. Ella and I are shopping this week and Luca and I went on a mommy son date to see Zootopia.

Milo has been car obsessed and is really starting to up his talking game.

Ella and Luca have pledged to ride for Granny to bring cancer awareness. Such a beautiful thing...if only they didn't fight over who got to write her name on the wall;)
 Lately I've been on a diet. I've lost 18 lbs! But that's all I'll say because...
 Olli has been teething. She's a drooly mess.
 Mine and Olli's bestie came to visit from Arkansas this weekend too!!! Olli and Ruthie, aka Betty and Ethel, played and pulled each other's hair and headbands when they were able to stay awake for longer than an hour haha. Anne and I gave birth to two little old ladies!

 Soul Sisters...
 And unicorn enthusiasts...just like their mamas!

 Anne and I are having too much fun twinning them!

 Bitty besties...

 It is so fun for Anne and I to have baby girls together...even if we don't live in the same town...or even state. She is truly one of the bestest friends I've ever had and she is my sister. The Mitch to my Cam. The eerily similar yet polar opposite version of me. We were meant to be! I can't believe we didn't find each other in college since we were basically sorority neighbors but am SO thankful for our hubbies who were best friends in college. It's a small world folks.

 Sissy snuggles...

 Olli has been a snuggle bug as of late. She's always been snuggly but she just loves to be held close and wrapped up. I'm soaking in every second of this before she becomes mobile and then doesn't want to sit still ever again :)
 This weekend was a special one because it was Mother's Day!
 Not just any Mothers Day, but my first mothers day with Olli and as a mama of four!
 I think she loves me :)
 It is my greatest joy and privilege to be the mother of these wildlings.
This picture says it all. Ella stood in one spot smiling for 5 minutes ready for everyone else to get their act together for a picture. Luca's ball was mid-air about to drop on our heads because he just couldn't help himself. Milo was glued to me all morning except for the 2 seconds I needed him to be which he spent protesting. Olli is a happy little camper and kicked back with a smile on her face.

These babies keep me on my toes and bring me to my knees every day. I am humbled to be their mom and that God entrusted these little lovelies to me. 

 Mike's card to me this year was probably my favorite card yet. It just made so much sense for this stage of life when you have to chose minute by minute to let it go, have a sense of humor and just hold on and enjoy the ride.
So I did what Mike said and I took advantage of the day and did a whole lot of nothing! I spent time with these blessings that made me a mama and took a day of from adulting, dieting, parenting and all of those other responsibilities :-)