Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seattle Spring

Its hot and then cold and then sunny and then rainy...everyone in the Reading Roost has a cold. However, we are enjoying every second of these little teasers of what's ahead! Last weekend we celebrated our friend Izze on her birthday at Alkai Beach! Milo rocked his beach bum man bun and for the first time ever, walked in the sand! With the new doo came a new attitude about the beach!

Also, we have a new fur baby to add to our little big family! This is the dog formerly known as Conan Yenchi :) He was rescued from Taiwan. He was used for breeding and show and once he was too old he was thrown to the streets :( In Taiwan, dogs are not kept as pets in the home. When they are done with the dog they are thrown out. Conan Yenchi was reduce from a dumpster :( There is an amazing pet rescue non profit organization called Gingers Rescue that flys dogs in once a month from Taiwan to have them adopted in the US...which is how we ended up with a beautiful, healthy, well mannered pomeranian. Mike sent me a text with this picture that said, "my name is Conan Yenchi and I need a home".... I mean, what did he think was going to happen after that?
Once I saw his face I knew he was mine. We tried to keep his Taiwanese name because it was kind of funny, but one kid couldn't remember it and the other kid has a lisp that makes it a little tricky to pronounce ;) So...the dog formally known as Conan Yenchi is now Prince Puddle Jumper...Puddles for short :) He's quite proper. Didn't know how to go up or down stairs or jump off of a bed. He still can't jump on the couch or bed. We put him on a small platform to try to teach him how to get down. He jumped off of all fours and landed on all fours at the same time with a big thud. He looked like a frog or bunny. He turns circles when he needs something. He's not a barker. He likes kids. He respects Pippa. He's house trained. And he's a pomeranian and I'm a pom girl. Not to mention he looks like my little fur brother Jon Bon Joby (God rest his soul)...Joby only like me, my mom and dad and VERY few other people haha. No one really remembers him as fondly as we do. Even Mike. But I think Mike knew this was my dog from the first glance or he wouldn't have sent me that text. But hey, we already have 4 kids and a dog...what's one more?
I've been waiting on my next Pom for YEARS because the ones I had after didn't work with a family. They aren't always good kid dogs. So basically, we hit the doggie jackpot, AGAIN! And I finally found my Pomeranian!!!
Puddles is very proper. He's a prancer. He's very gentle. He's about 6 years old so the puppy in him is gone which is good considering mike and I have "like 18 kids" in the words of my dear friend Amy ;) He's only 7 pounds and I'm pretty sure 60% of that is hair. Isn't he beautiful?
He sleeps soundly at night and snuggles but can also sleep alone. 

He plays very well with the children which is nice because Pippa is a mama's girl and prefers to spend all of her time sitting by me, cuddling with me, or following me around :)
In other news from this fun weekend, Mike and I went on our first date in SIX MONTHS!!! We went to Canlis with our friends Evan, Becky, Mike and Elizabeth. Although they had been many times, this was our first! It is one of the top restaurants in the country and has been a family business since the 50s. It is described as "landmark fine-dining destination since the 50's offering Pacific NW fare in a midcentury-modern home" and let me just say it was ALL it was cracked up to be. It had a gorgeous view out over the city. There's a dress code and the service was impeccable. There's always someone behind you ready to wait on you.
 I got all gussied up and it felt SOOOOOO nice. I spend most days in my Amy Grant t-shirt and pajama pants if I need to look presentable for anyone. HA! I got a hair-cut, new dress and a blowout. So basically I felt human again :)
 We did the four course meal with a few additions. I felt like such a grown up haha. Lets just say we dined from 6:00-11:00 pm and the evening flew by.

 A bunch of little mamas trying our best to be fierce ;)
 This was also a belated birthday gathering for Mike and I. Becky called in and this happy little treat showed up.
 I woke up the next morning with my hair still on blowout ever...
 It was a magical night with some of the finest people and we can't wait to do it again. 
 And speaking of Amy Grant, somehow she came up in a funny conversation which was overheard by an Amy Grant fan which also happened to be one of the Canlis family members dining next to us! He came over and we got to hear a lot of amazing stories about them and the history of the restaurant. The family are believers and do so good in serving the city. My hairdresser told me that but after meeting one and talking with them, it meant that much more. Restaurant royalty and really really good people.

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