Sunday, April 3, 2016

Its a girls world...

You really is. In one way or another I truly believe girls rule the world! This post is mostly about the Reading girls so here we go...

Daddy and his bits girl before church looking all adorable...

 Lil Mae is just starting to experiment with food and so far her favorite its Baby Organic's Beets, Blueberries and Bananas!

 I also felt the need to document the insanity of providing for a family of 6. The first of each month begins with a massive costco trip usually accompanied by 2-4 children. So many groceries to feed all of these little mouths!
 This weekend was a good one. Hints of spring weather combined with leftover winter rains. Ella had Abby over because that's what they do and of course there was a my little unicorn loving girls...
 As much as we love the man bun, we had to class it up a bit for an upcoming wedding so we pulled out all the stops and Milo got his haircut with MINIMAL TEARS.

 It was haircut month for EVERYONE!!!! Mommy and Pippa included!
 Ella celebrated her dear Izze at her 5th birthday. It was a tea-party which is Ella's jam for sure!

 While the girls are at tea parties and dressing up, the boys are literally tearing the walls down.
 There will come a day when I can wake up and drink coffee instead of rearrange furniture, wash soiled sheets and pick poptarts out of the rug...and I have a feeling when that day comes I'll be very very sad...
 6:30 am people...that look. 
 Ella's first Science Fair project!
{Which bubble gum blows the biggest bubble}
These girls of mine will grow up 8 years apart, but with Ella's motherly heart and Olli's sweet spirit, I have no doubt they will have a special relationship and grow up to be the best of friends. Right now, Ella's favorite is carrying her to church :)

 Olli Mae dressed in her Sunday best! And it's so hard to believe that just a few years ago it was our baby Ella Bella wearing this outfit!!!

 Sunday afternoon napping with the unicorn Ella decided to hand down to her baby sis this weekend :)

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