Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Half Ollipop!

Happy Half-Birthday Olli Mae!!! 6 months has gone by so fast but I also can't remember a time when you weren't here.
 You are just the sweetest. You have the tiniest coos and most expressive eyes. My favorite is when your nose crinkles when you smile really big. And those eyelashes...mama can't wait to put mascara on them at your first dance recital!
 You are still a pip squeak at 16 pounds and in the 30th percentile for height but you are so strong! I think you might be on the move soon. Probably because you have a lot of people to keep up with!
 You have the funnest personality and we see a little more every day. You are very easy going and love being silly...and you may be tiny but you are definitely feisty so I don't think anyone will mess with you.
 Milo is your bestie, Luca is your protector and Ella is your other mother. You're kind of everyones favorite little toy to play with. Our Dolli!

 Your feet are still your favorite toy and teether. You may be a gymnast or a are toe touches and heel-stretches all day every day! I'm not sure you'll ever learn to sit up because as soon as I sit you up on the floor you bend over to chew on your toes :)

Here's to another amazing 6 months as we watch you grow through your first year and soak up the joy you bring all our lives.

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