Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Struggle Bus

The Readings have been riding the struggle bus for the past week! On Monday I decided to start my annual spring cleaning efforts and they came to a screeching halt when Luca started throwing up in the middle of the night on Tuesday. The norovirus struck and it. was. bad.

We took care of him and did our best to quarantine each child and disinfect and then disinfect some more! When he got better we took him to the store to get a new toy. I know...rediculous...but it was that bad haha. We felt so bad for him!

 Olli camped out in my room for a couple days and Ella stayed in her room when she was at home. We did a pretty good job except for Milo. You just can't contain the beast.

By Thursday we were starting to think maybe the rest of us had escaped it. But then Milo woke up from his nap throwing up. My face b/c I know it's coming for me. We then just started hoping that the grown ups didn't get it and if we did that it wasn't at the same time!

That was wishful thinking. A couple hours later I started in. Then a couple hours later Mike started in. And in the middle of the night it hit Ella. Both parents and half the kids were suuuuuuuper sick. It wasn't fun. None of us had ever been that sick in our life let alone all at the same time! We spent the rest of the week recovering and cleaning and cleaning some more.

I have to say...other than Olli who didn't get it...Milo had the mildest case. He truly is a mighty man. Nothing can hold him down!

Luca said the worst part of being sick was not being able to hug or kiss Olli. I love his tender heart.

We have all been fever and symptom free for over 3 days now so I think Olli has officially dodged the bullet. She stayed strong thanks to all of those wonderful immunities from that breast milk!

Moving on! This week I'm resuming my Spring cleaning extravaganza and this little beauty is cutting two bottom teeth :( One has come through and she is working on the other! Even so...she is a happy happy girl. And so fancy. You already know ;)

The last few pictures of that adorable gummy grin!

And Puddles, the newest family member, is still rocking it. He's a champ!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


ROAD TRIIIIIIIP!!!! Girls only. Spring break 2016 was beach playing, ferry riding, island living, pillow fighting girl bonding tons of fun. It was a fun four days of glitter tattoos, vintage robes, s'mores, bubble baths, manicures, busted rafts with duct tape bandages cut into hearts, cream cheese bagels, rainbow hair chalk, unicorn everything, ice-cream parlor, shopping, sparkly swimsuits, matching outfits, sleepover hoodies, angry meltdowns, giggles, art projects and cabin glamping. Too much fun! And what was even more sweet is that this year Ella Bella had a SISTER to bring!!!

Sissy pic in matching outfits... 
It was a chillier spring break but we still managed to get to the beach. Autumn and I braved it in with our rainbows and explored the first day but after that we left it to the crazy kids :)

The first day we got out in the water and said hello to all the creatures! Tiny crabs were everywhere. I was ok because I came prepared and wore my hunters that come up to my knees :)
One thing I really couldn't handle were the spider crabs. Right up there with how I feel about spiders in general.

On our second day we had a loungy morning and then ended up in Port Townsend for a day of lunching, shopping and ice-cream! This is the town that the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman, was filmed. And if any Gilmore Girls fans are reading this...it gave me warm fuzzier because it reminded me of Stars Hollow. To. The. Tee...haha. They even had a troubadour!

We ate at this fantastic restaurant because we couldn't find Luke's Diner :) It was relish and I made a decision at that point to ditch this post baby diet and enjoy myself for a few days!
I just love these girls...

Olli was a champ this day and hung out with her little friends in her car seat for 4 and a half hours while mommies and big girls hit the pavement!
We did some damage and then headed back to the cabin for some more beach time. We didn't last long this time though! The girls called it quits and we went back to the cabin for warm baths, food, pjs, art and movies...and maybe a little snapchat fun too ;)

The next day we headed off to Poulsbo...another delicious, quaint, adorable, fun little town. Again, we ate delicious food and shopped till we dropped!

We ate at the cutest little diner that the girls had talked about for WEEKS! This is Abby and Emma's favorite place to get spaghetti...so Ella has been excited to try the best spaghetti in the world at this particular restaurant :) They were also stoked about the really old (aka vintage) gumboil machine that took pennies!

Olli was a champ, yet again, taking her naps on the go and just giggling to herself along the way...

We found these ADORABLE little vintage robes at a thrift shop for the girls. As soon as we got home they put them on and we went to roast marshmallows!

Olli had a big day shopping again so she went home and crashed...
It was Olli's first ferry ride and the place she officially cut her first tooth! Daddy and the boys were here in Seattle but still having a special boys time. Luca just couldn't wait for all the girls to leave :) They went to the aquarium and basically ate and played anything and everything Luca wanted...he called all the shots! 

It feels good to be back together as a family again...Now to prep for our next big adventure...Our summer trip to Arkansas!!!