Saturday, March 5, 2016


I am starting to wonder if my children are part vampire. Especially the boys. They refuse to wake up at an appropriate hour. We've tried the clock, the alarm and the straight up strong arm and they've managed to wiggle their way to the living room at 4:00 am every morning for the past two weeks. Before we're even able to get our slippers on and open the door, they've got cartoons on, Milo is pulling out all the cars and Luca is whipping up breakfast for everyone. Sometimes we just let them because if Milo sees us awake then that's the end of it. Don't even think about going back to bed or else its, "knock, knock mama mama mama, daddy, daddy, daaaaaaad!" I was looking forward to last night because Mike was out of town and Ella had a friend staying the night so Luca was sleeping with me, Ella was in her room and Milo was alone in the bub club room. I just knew they both would get to sleep in a little bit if they were apart. Silly me. 

We've been wondering who wakes who up. Since Luca is the only one that can talk, he says it's Milo. I din't think so and now our suspicions are confirmed. Luca woke up in my bed at ungodly hour of the morning. He would NOT be still or sleep and you know our bitty baby? Yeah, she likes to eat at night! So by 4:00 am I was desperate and I told him he could go watch cartoons. I guess by cartoons he thought I meant turn on all the lights in the house and GO WAKE UP HIS BROTHER. I'm not a rookie. I can't believe I made that mistake. I know better. I will say, their faces are pretty cute all bright eyed and bushy tailed and SO PROUD of themselves. Milo always waves and says, "HIIIIIIEEEEE"!  I've even caught them reading together a couple times...special brother time :)
But this will be me by 6:00 pm...
It's a good thing he's cute though. Let me tell you about some of the cute things he's said lately...
This morning in particular, he came out of the room after getting ready for school and said, "mama, I was wookin in da mirror and I wook pretty cute!" And I totally agreed!
This was another night...I wonder where his little mind comes up with this stuff :)

And then one day in the car he asked a question about God. I answered it the best I could and then asked him what he would say if he could talk to God. He said, "I would thank him for making me, me...and for my family." He has such a tender heart. 

Ella has been sending me sweet love notes on my phone. She'll never know how much these little notes mean in the midst of all of the uncertainty in parenting! She's my first for everything and I must have it kinda right :/ Ella is my girl...
Her and some of her friends have started texting little notes with their mama's phone. I love when she has Mike's phone and sends me little texts too. In case you're wondering, this is what it looks like texting with an 8 year old haha.
This little love bug has been awake more than usual at night too. They say that babies tend to go through sleep regression when they are learning many new things and I'm convinced that must be it. 
She is obsessed with her feet :) She found them and hasn't let go since!

 She is getting very curious about her surroundings and makes great efforts to see what's going on all around her...
Milo and Olli have been bonding a lot during the days since she's getting a little more alert and interacting with him. He just loves her so much!
 Good baby :)

 He even shares his cars with her and if you know Milo you know that's the greatest act of love. That and rubbing your nose with his blanky :)

This was our first cookout with her! One of our favorite family things to in the backyard and cook yummy food. It was a beautiful day but still a little chilly for Bitsy so we had to dig out some gear. 

And this just because my city is beautiful. This picture doesn't do anything justice but there was water below, mountains above and the skies opening up over it all. Majestic.
 And this just because he's so darn cute!

 That hair =O

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