Friday, March 25, 2016

This and That

Look at these long beautiful locks...
Well...Milo doesn't do well with hair cuts and after our traumatic experience last time I decided we'd go bigger so we don't have to go much until he makes his peace with the salon :) I made an appointment but it was so long that it was just a mess. Plus, I'm super nervous about what might transpire so I decided to do the scary buzz part and let the stylist do the technical part. So until we get there...
hipster baby is rocking a man bun!

It really fits his personality well and is so cute.
He has really been branching out lately...he is looking a lot at his big bro and sissy and has decided that he can do anything they can and all the sudden he wants to keep up!

Like yoga...

and even having his picture taken!

and about those cute bunny ears and suckers...Nana B sent us a box of Easter goodies that we have been playing with all week leading up to Easter!
Olli's first bunny! Nana B gets everyone their first bunny stuffy for Easter :)
Is it just me or does Olli look a lot like her bunny?

Ella and her friends at a birthday party for a friend after a DOUBLE sleepover! This girl is growing up so fast!
Olli is about to start sitting up!!! Which means then she'll be wanting to take off!
 Look at that sweet proud of herself!
 I think its too cute that her cute big round head sits on such a tiny body :)
I can't wait to put pig tails on this fuzzy fuzzy little head of hers!
The days are going by fast you guys. I try to take it all in and stay calm and be in the moment. Sometimes I'm too tired to think at the end of the day. But then these little reminders pop up to remind me that kids live here and these days are fleeting. 
Milo was here...
 And while Mommy has been keeping up with growing babies, cutting toddler hair, chasing toddler boy, delivering big kids to events, playdates, sleepovers, she may have hit a wall this week when she watched her coffee pour everywhere with her mug right NEXT too the machine. Oops :) It was clear I needed to add another shot of espresso to that cup! Ha!
 Just doing a little afternoon reading with mommy after her nap...

 Also...Ella (left) and Olli (right)...Olli started making this face when she's focused and it took my right back to baby Ella's sweet little face about 8 years ago...and the cheeks!!!

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