Friday, March 18, 2016

More March Madness

Ella rode her unicycle with her Whittier Wildcats in the St. Patricks Day downtown! It was COLD and so so so windy so Daddy took the big kids and Mama stayed home with the littles. Look at Milo getting in on that pic ;) He's coming around to this whole mamarazzi thing!
While they were parading away, we stayed warm and cozy in the house. I pretty much just sat around and watched them love each other. It was a day well spent!

Holding hands. I just love these two and their little love for each other!


So proud of this girl and all her hard work!
Go Ella Go!

Daddy and Luca were going to walk the route with her but they got offered a free ride on the Duck!

They had fun on the Duck but I think Mike would have rather taken the Delorean =)

They took the bus to avoid the parking frenzy so before heading home they had to stop off and fuel up :)

Later that night, I had a fun little outing with my friend Cherise! Mama got a little gussied up for the first time in a while and it felt so good!
We went to a community dinner served at the pantry. She bought two tickets and I took one. It is a family style dinner. We met a bunch of fun people and the food was to die for!
Tonights theme was "A Persian Winter"
 They cook the food right there in the room with you. 
 It was something like from a movie fun! I really need to get out more...ha!
 Me and my gal pal...

 In the meantime, Olli is growing like a weed and started eating some solids!

She's still obsessed with her feet and it's pretty cute. She's really quite flexible!
I'm 95% sure she's working on cutting her first tooth...

And big brother Milo loves to love her...but sometimes love hurts :)
Luca's teacher sent me a few pictures this week of Luca presenting his Star of the Week goodies! He got to bring a toy and a book too. My sweet boy brough bear bear to show off...his beloved little bear he sleeps with.

And his favorite book he brought for the class was "No David!" It really is a cute book and spot on for our "adventurous" little guy :)
And since Easter is early this year and coming up next weekend, it means hundreds of pictures of our itty Olli in ridiculously cute bunny outfits will be popping up this week :D get excited!!!

This little outfit was actually baby Ella's :)

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