Tuesday, March 29, 2016


This year was a different Easter but still a good one. First of all...it was itty Olli's first Easter!
Easter was early this year and so it was pretty chilly! We made our eggs of course. I made a couple for Olli and Milo. Luca made his all green or blue and Ella made a sister egg for Olli and a BFF egg for her bestie Abby :)

 We shared Easter this year with some friends old and new. We missed our family terribly but the day ended up being very good. We hosted a delicious dinner and made our families traditional favorites. 

And of course the Easter bunny came!

The day was so wild and crazy that the only pics I got of were Olli before church in her Easter dress! After that, it was chaos and then over so no family pics or egg hunt pics or anything :( Becky happened to catch one of Izze and Olli on an egg hunt. Thank goodness for the big church because we had tons of eggs and it was WET AND COLD!!!

 funny bunny

 I guess I forgot I live in Seattle because I chose this little onesie for her day attire haha.
 Wearing big sissy's first tutu!!!
 And here was our bitsy all dressed up for church. There is truly nothing sweeter than a baby girl in an Easter bonnet!

 And now this week we are nursing colds and taking it slow to settle down from such a fun filled weekend! And this is Milo...adamantly denying the fact that he got out up during nap time and smuggled is big bros easter candy to bed. Ha! Let the games begin!
Ella playing a little dress up with her baby sis...

 All for now! Our next big adventure to plan is our summer trip to Arkansas for weddings and graduations and birthdays Oh My!

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