Thursday, March 10, 2016

dOlli {5 Months}

Isn't she a doll? Our little dolli is 5 months old now. She is just the sweetest little thing. After seeing the feisty personalities of our first 3 children, I never dreamed that we would have a quiet or reserved child...but she just might be our meek one. She still has time to prove us all wrong but so far she is content, a little bashful, quiet, gentle and very easy going.

Her sister is loving being a little mommy and her brothers ADORE her. They are so rough with each other but so gentle and soft with her. She is showered in kisses all day every day. There is a lot of love to go around in this house.

She is so very petite but finally getting some rolls on her :)
She's found her feet and I can honestly say they are her new favorite toy right now. If I need her to be entertained for a bit, I just pull her feet out of her footie and she's a happy girl ;)

She gives BIG smiles but only for a face. As soon as I pull the camera out she's not so sure :)

She is talking, cooing, blowing bubbles, watching us eat, chewing on her hands, trying to grab objects, pulling mommy's hair and protesting sleeping solo. If she knows we are in the room then she thinks she must be in bed with us. It's about time to start some sleep training!

She completes our little big family and we are all busy and tired but so full of joy.

She's a dainty replica of her biggest bro Luca...

Those may all look like the same picture to you but to me each one is a different expression of her precious face that I want to remember forever!

Olli got another bug this month...this time, a stomach bug. You know when you take your baby to the doc and they ask you if she's vomited? I've always wondered how you would know because babies spit up all the time...or at least mine do anyway. Well, I know now :-( Probably the saddest thing ever!
 She was so sad...

Next month will be her HALF birthday!!!!

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