Thursday, March 10, 2016


This little mama is turning 32 today!!! I'm pretty sure I'm officially grown up but I sure don't feel like it. Sometimes I feel like a baby having babies! I guess that means all of my little lovelies are keeping me young at heart. What am I doing to celebrate today? Well...I'm staying in bed all day with 0 responsibilities haha. I'm Netflix binging, coffee drinking, puppy snuggling, nap taking, baby cuddling, web surfing and completely relaxing. You know why? Two reasons. I wouldn't have it any other way but...

1. There are no days off when you're a mom. Every day is a party!!! And mama is tired! I'm at home a lot but there's not a lot of time to veg :)

2. I'm on a major diet to shed almost a decade's worth of baby weight. I've been working so hard and can't exactly have cake and spirits so the next best thing is a lazy day in bed :)

Here's what we've spent the first 10 days of March on...
Luca is star of the week! He is so excited. We worked on his poster over the weekend. He pretty much wears his hat every day but for star of the week, he also put on his zip up tie ;) You can't see it because of his HUGE poster (that he told me was the fanciest poster anyone has yet to bring), but he has worn his hat and tie every day for this special week...
He had a section for his family, his friends, special pictures of himself and a big section for likes. 
Luca likes:
pizza, superheros, the lake in arkansas, the beach, mimi camp, spiderman, ice-cream, legos, dates with mommy, minecraft, the seahawks, donuts, seakhawks donuts, bow ties, soccer, family olympics, Ms. O'Leary (she got a special heart by her pic!), driving boats, snakes, alligators, robots, San Diego, swimming, Arkansas, Texas and Seattle.
This tiny tyrant who has refused to have his picture taken since the day he was old enough to protest decided that today, he wanted his picture taken. Luca had just taken his star of the week picture and then Milo got M-A-D. I couldn't figure out what he wanted and taking his picture is the best way to make him mad and the last thing he ever wants so I definitely wasn't considering that as an option! When I finally figured it out he pulled his frustration together to crack an ornery smile...

 This is the face he makes when he knows he's being impressive but gets a little shy about it. 
He's also into reading. He LOVES books!!! We read about 15 the other night after a day full of reading. Gosh I love this kid. He keeps us on our toes and surprises us every day!

 Our sweet Ella Bella is growing up so fast. We had our first quarrel the other day when she told me I wasn't the boss of her! Only one of us cried. It wasn't her :) I know, I know, that's mild and there are harder days to come. But day by day I see her making her own way in this world out from under my protective wing. Each year that goes by I have to release her into the world a little more. More people get to impress on her that just me. More people influence her than just me. More things affect her that I can't control. That's life and that's is a GOOD thing and she's rocking it! But everything with this baby girl is a first for me. It's scary, hard and so impressive. She amazes me every day and I'm doing my best for her even though I know I make many mistakes. I see this little lady growing up in front of me AND my tiny newborn baby at the same time. I see her wearing her Fancy Nancy dress up tutu and heels that she got for her 2nd birthday although now her heels hang off the edge. She's my 8 year old dancing on the coffee table but just yesterday she was trotting through the house in the same outfit but just a baby. I get so confused, nostalgic, happy, proud and sad all at the same time.

Although she's transitioning from little girl to little lady, she is still a fashionista. She still loves to dress up...sometimes like Fancy Nancy and sometimes super trendy 2nd grader. But one thing we are both loving is playing dress up with our little Olli Doll...
Now Ella and I get to play dress up together with our own little Dolli!
Ella likes to be little mommy and I like to put Ella's clothes and headgear on Olli. I'm so thankful that as my first born baby girl grows up, I can be gently weaned with another little baby girl :) It will probably serve Ella well too haha.
 This Sunday morning was a sunny and semi-warm day so we went with a spring outfit! Plus, Easter is in March this year and we need to fit in all of our bunny outfits ;)

 And even though that Sunday began beautiful and springy, it ended with thunder, cold air, high winds and thunder :) So...we curled up in bed to watch Lady and the Tramp while the boys wrestled downstairs. Milo came to watch it with us for a bit but then started barking non stop so we had to take a break until he got distracted again ;)
 Remember how I said every day is a party with 4 kids? Well, I've already got to celebrate a little bit of Mother's Day! Ella is really getting into being more of a part of the planning process when it comes to birthdays and holidays. She likes to buy her OWN gifts for us and has her own ideas. She's such a thoughtful girl. She has been working in this notebook for WEEKS and when it was done she was so excited that she couldn't wait until Mother's Day. This is probably the best Mother's Day gift I've ever received because it was straight from her heart. I will cherish it forever!

Table of Contents: life with you (a story), love (a song) (that she sung for me), me and you...
 Life with you: A Story
Chapter One
"Mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and also Daddy. Mommy is a rose but not just a rose. She is the brightest most loving most nice, generous, caring, thankful rose in the patch. She is God's most magical rose, post powerful rose in the patch. God's little princess.
 Chapter 2: One day I came to the earth and she was the first thing I saw. I thought she was the prettiest person in the world and you know why I thought that is because she was being herself and I still do think that. And when I started to understand words and started to say words I told mama, "thank you for making me." Then a few years later Luca, Milo and Olli came along so I said thank you again.
 A song!
 my favorite part: "me and you were meant to be like sugar and spice"

 She included her little lovies too...

 Olli: I will try later, it was hard

So needless to say, March is off to a sweet start. On my walk to the park with Olli and Milo, I saw signs of spring. Fresh air, blue skies, hammering from housing projects starting up after a long winter, gardening, birds chirping, pretty trees, toys in front yard and more giggles at the part. It's refreshing. I love gray, rainy and cozy Seattle Winters...because I also know this is coming to wake me up from our hibernation period!

I think it's probably time to take my birthday nap now :)

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