Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love day every day!

We had a very kid-centric Valentines celebration this year because, well, we have four of them :) I have lots of pics to share but first I have to show you this beautiful sign my mom made and sent in the mail! I was so surprised! It is for Valentines of course but it's so beautiful that I'm finding a place to make it a permanent part of our decor. After all, "these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
My hubby did sneak in a little treat for me though even though he wasn't supposed to. I came home one morning to a hilarious card, a roller ball that he graciously gifted me that was good for one good 15 minute massage. I was grateful but in my mind thought one 15 minute rub with a roller ball was a little skimpy haha...only to open it up and find a major gift card to the SPA!! This baby wearing mama is in serious need of a massage!!!
And of course this was Olli's first Valentines!!!

My little lover boy came home from a fun day in kindergarten and with the biggest smile said, "mommy, which hand?!?" I picked a hand and then he popped both out with a Valentine in one and a dandelion in the other. 
Nana B also sent Valentines shirts and books for the babies. She made the robots herself. Aren't they adorable? It's almost impossible to get a pic of Milo so I was able to capture this one on the move ;)

Speaking of Milo, he was so sick for 5 whole weeks! FINALLY in February we made our last walk home from the doctor and he's been pretty healthy since minus a pesky little cold. My little Linus doesn't go anywhere without his blanky :)
We made Valentines this year. Luca had "love bugs" and Ella had bubbles!

Luca wore his Valentine shirt like 4 days in a row. He's obsessed with it! He said, "mama I want to call Nana on the computer to fank her for my wobot shirt." Such a sweetie this boy!

Getting dressed for Valentine parties at school!
My many attempts to get a picture of them in their matching shirts. Boys!
And then here are my little sweethearts!

This year, Mike took Ella on a date and I took the boys on a date. The boys and I went to the Pacific Science Center for a day of CRAZY fun. Serious fun and seriously crazy! They were so mesmerized and gone are the days where Milo sits in a stroller. They both ran opposite directions the whole time but I managed to make it home with everybody!
The bubbles were probably their favorite thing there...

Our Wilson's joined us so it was a Realson Family Valentine Date :) Again...our best attempt to get a bunch of boy babies to take a pic :)
The Daddies took the girls downtown for a donut and then to the IMAX for a 3-D movie at the Science Center...
These are the kind of pictures you get when men are in charge...

We all grabbed lunch afterwards at the armory and then we called it a Valentines Day!

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